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I.Q. and Cognitive Booster

By how much can I.Q be raised? By 20 points?


@blackadder I ordered mine on Tuesday. Hopefully I will get it sometime tomorrow. I am going to be running the Q version. I read where @SaintSovereign said you should run your custom for six months to a year.A year seems very realistic for the amount of healing and inner work I am looking at


@blackadder What is in your custom sub?


Can somebody recommend a module from the Q-Store to tackle regrets and feelings of being too old to succeed in life?

I want to eliminate those beliefs that I didn’t take many opportunities or work hard at certain things in my younger days - so it is too late to do so now.

For example, I keep on lamenting the fact that I don’t have sufficient social status, wealth and professional experience at my age compared to my peers due to various reasons.

I would love to eliminate such beliefs and have the confidence in myself that I am still deserving of what I want.

This will be a key module in my custom subliminal and worth a lot to me.


@King I added Ares to mine partially for that reason.Unlimiter is another option.Both are in my custom. Ares deals with shame which I believe we are both feeling.I also have Rogue in mine as Im done with allowing the opinions of others to bother me.


Why would you want to do that?


Good question. I will stick with what I have


I love these kinds of questions.


The module that seems closest to what you’re looking for is, in my opinion, FEBRUUS.

There are numerous things holding us back. False beliefs, emotions we didn’t let go of, past traumas… All of that can slow down the subliminal’s execution. With FEBRUUS, anything that is keeping you from becoming the most powerful, successful, attractive you is purified. When it comes to personal beliefs, it will not conflict with them – it will guide you to look at your personal beliefs and see them from more profound angles.


@Malkuth - boy, am I glad that my intuition told me Build my custom subliminals in a careful manner and not in a hurry. Am gonna add Februus too.

Excellent question, @King. Many people do have this issue. Including me.


There’s another take. It may have no real connection to anything you’re interested in doing. I’m just expressing it for fun.

Identify those areas in which your age may actually give you an advantage. For example, spiritually-focused subliminals might be helpful.

The eager ambition, impatience, competitive desire for achievement, and instinctual reverence/need for charismatic role models that are typical of younger people can be an obstacle in the area of spiritual development. Might be good for you to look into capitalizing on your natural advantages in this area.

As that area develops, your manifestation capacity will also increase and may enhance any other areas of interest to you.

If that angle appealed then programs like:

Energetic Development
The Architect

Those could be a base and then you could layer a bunch of modules related to dissolving and transcending limits, and cultivating joyful, powerful, and optimistic states of mind and beliefs.

Natural Winner
Power Awareness
Limit Destroyer
Gratitude Embodiment
Joie de Vivre
Inner Voice


New Beginnings sounds fitting.


That would sound very desirable at a certain point in my life.

However, would still love to build up my finances first in my life as a cushion, and then I can focus on all that spiritual stuff.

In fact, once the financial/material custom subliminal gets underway and I am satisfied with the progress, I will get a custom sub focused on other areas of my life that I can run.


@Malkuth - fortunately, I do have most of the modules you have recommended.

Also, yes I agree. There is something to be said for life experience.



I myself only have one of them. haha


@Malkuth - LOL. Your advice is still valuable though.


i would be interested in the answer too


Same here. I’ve completely stopped sub usage trying to carefully plot out my custom.


Does any one know if audio tracks like the below can be used with subliminals here?

“contains beautiful trance music, innovative brainwave entrainment frequencies, psycho-acoustic principles and deeply transformative subtle energy fields. This synthesis of dreamy ambient music, neurotechnology and energy medicine takes you on …”

I don’t want to promote other content so gave the minimal description


@JCast the plan is to run it for 6 months perhaps upgrade after 2 months and add further modules as I see fit.


Any idea what the difference is between the two? It seems like the Energetic Development focuses more on the Aura and all that cover the subtle energies while The Architect is more focused on enhancing and improving physical structures, what do you think?