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Funny thing is that ever since I took a break from subliminal’s, reconciliation came to the surface. Anyone experienced anything similar? Is Q really so dense that it delays reconciliation till you take a break? I’m going to be testing this out for verification.


I do not take breaks from subliminals, personally I feel its better to bombard your grey matter with subs rather then all the negative news on riots, protests and covid 19.


Oh, I agree! That’s why I haven’t noticed it until now, I haven’t took a break from listening in three weeks or so.


I am a bit confused about the process. Do I have to buy the modules and then type them in?
Do I have to buy the modules each time? How does this work exactly?


I go 7 days a week, and occasionally take a day off, and reconciliation is stronger on that day.


Yes first days were tough then some great realizations and profound results.


Did you experience reconciliation beforehand or did you not? I’m wondering because I wasn’t experiencing reconciliation for weeks until I took a break from listening.


To be honest, now looking back, the more I listened the less reconcilation I had.

When I started taking ones with Terminus, it got really intense. Before it, I only took like 1-2 days a week and listened for 6 hours +.


Yes, this is called the subliminal “bloom.” It’s when your mind switches from constant input to constant execution.


Regarding that. Is it possible for reconciliation to manifest in such a way that your subconscious wants to keep you in the processing stage to delay action?


@SaintSovereign Any idea when I can expect my custom?


Yes. Generally speaking, any kind of “odd” aversion to taking action (or even running the sub) is probably reconciliation. The most common is the “this sub isn’t working, I need to switch / stop” even though you’re getting intense dreams, anxiety, sadness or any mixture of the above form of reconciliation.


3-5 days after the day you placed your order. Maybe slightly ahead. We just finished an upgrade to Q that speeds up the process quite a bit.


What about people who suffer from chronic depression , chronic sadness and chronic anxiety?

How does reconciliation present itself when they run the subliminals? Would they be able to identify reconciliation in the form of additional depression or anxiety?


I have similar situation since I changed my playlist to QLQ…usually results in headache…and the funny part is it forces me to read or learn new things…as soon as I take action…reconciliation disappears


It is not the first time that I experience this, but the difference now is that reconciliation wasn’t the trigger to take a break.

Because reconciliation arises when the conscious and unconscious mind are not congruent to one another. So when unconscious is being told to take action on learning and conscious mind is not taking action they start to become dis-harmonious and the user starts to experience reconciliation, it’s really that simple.

That’s why I never listen to any subliminal’s when I’m in a low vibrations, cause first of all you’re probably experiencing reconciliation and second of all you cannot execute high vibrational mental scripts when embodied with a low emotional vibration – subliminal’s work at there best when you’re feeling good.

So with that said, exposure does not equal results, action accompanied by positive vibrations delivers results. The scripts are the alchemical processes in the mental plane, then it has to be congruent with the emotional plane and then the experience has to be set by physical action. It is always the experience that you transmutes your reality, not the scripting itself.

Besides then when you’re running a subliminal such as Quantum Limitless Stage 1 as the scripting makes the body take action on altering brain-chemistry, nonetheless. So it is the body altering physical brain proportions in effect of the scripting. So the ‘experience’ depends on the scripting there’s not always a need to consciously take action, there’s no need to do that if the action is an unconscious process.


Had a look at the Q store , it looks like most of these are in the main major subs e.g. emperor , Khan , PS , sex mastery …got the Q updates so for now will run for a year then think maybe about creating my own sub .


Don’t forget that the customization adds your name as well.


How effective has it been for you so far if you purchased I’m assuming? Name embedded custom subs?


Would like to know about anyone’s experiences with EGO ADSUM (apparently “The Power of Now” condensed into a sub) or Joie de Vivre.