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Ego Adsum is a very good module. I was able to make a video forgetting all fears, anxiety, worry of public speaking. I was in the now, flow. Very efficient in my point of view. I cant speak about Joie de vivre I dont have this module

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Very effective! I can’t believe it made that much of a difference already! Are you using power level Terminus?

On another note, I am have made another thread where people can discuss their experiences based on the modules that they think are leading to those experiences. This would help users understand what is going on with what modules as well as declutter this main thread.


Q level but my custom sub is focused on these aspects as I wrote on my journal. It is a very good synergy. I prefer a focused sub than a sub with multiple goals. Results are faster


Indeed that was the most interesting one ive come across. Ive always thought being present meant you as pure consciousness beyond mind content from thr subconscious, the 5% of awareness.
But this changes things since its influencing the subconscious to create that presence effect.


You are assuming wrong.

There are individuals who don’t buy subliminal programs titles and order the same as customs instead to just add their name. The normal price could be $99 and the custom with just adding a name is $999. There is a reason they do that.

As I already mentioned at another instance I am a life coach and I’ve seen the difference to my clients when they use their name in reading/writing affirmations and when them or others don’t. Imagine that done in a subliminal program which is like a thousand times more effective.


I started running KhanQ St4 last night (4 loops) and I see reconciliation in the form of a slight social anxiety but when I’m talking to people I feel rock solid.

How do you deal with reconciliation, guys? You cut down the number of loops or just go through it?


What i do is try another loop, sometimes it gets better from that, but if i feel it gets worse i take a break. Maybe start with lower loops if needed rry that for a few days, adjust after how you feel.


Since it was my first night on St4 I’ll try to keep going on 4 loops till the end of the week and see how it goes. If reconciliation kept coming back I’ll try to cut it down to 3 loops/night.

I take 2 nights off/week (Wednesdays and Saturdays) and Saint said sometimes it’s enough to deal with reconciliation.


@Avengers68 Men, I think my next sub might be a copy of what you have!


I am happy with it :heart_eyes:


I have Ego Adsum in my custom and although I thought it might have been a mistake I am having a bit of fun with it and others as I am able to let go a bit of stressing out over dumb shit , have fun , and whatever. It probably helps that I have Rogue and a bunch of healing modules as well. I have always had a hard time just relaxing , going with the flow , and just having fun. Life is way too fucking short to be an uptight dick head. Now I am able to laugh at my wife when she is in a shit mood where before I would almost feel like I was walking on eggshells .


Awesome, I’m really happy for you. It’s really just self-imposed beliefs that we’re deeply ingrained within your unconscious. By the way all of those dick-heads out there who have a massive ego are no better, but we shall forgive them and have compassion as they’re also results of the system.

I really hope that you can get a taste for what life was ment to be, now that you have your full-on healing Custom subliminal. Looking forward to see your progress and good luck to you @JCast


@Hermit I have carried so much mental and emotional clutter that I often feel like a hoarder who has just discovered minimalism. It’s funny in a weird way because I have noticed and so has my wife that the less emotionally attached I am to an outcome or situation the better I do. I didn’t really understand how that worked until I read Mark Manson’s book and how he discussed why Charles Bukowski has " Don’t Try" as his epitaph on his tombstone


It’s really plain and simple, we’re very powerful creators and we create our own life through our beliefs. If you’re emotionally attached to an outcome you pre-create it and then you fuel it with the emotional fear for it to happen.

Society always tries to categorize us, they create an identity around each person from birth on. But the truth of the fact is that we’re not that personality or ego that we’ve grown into, we’re simply a point of awareness, all we’re is consciousness observing the now, it’s no more then that. When we identify ourselves with someone or something we become that someone or something.

I really hope this is inspirational to you, so that you may be excited for the future to come and to finally live the life you’ve always deserved to have. I love you brother :heart: , and I love you because I love my Self.


In general, is it better to get two customs with 10 modules each OR one custom with 20 modules for both short term and longterm results? Does this also apply to two subs with 15 modules each?


I’d think it would depend on how focused the customs are towards particular goals. Also whether you plan to run both anyway or one after the other in x amount of time.


It is better to keep your subliminal goal oriented. It really depends on your budget though, creating a subliminal for productivity, focus and intelligence for work with sex and romance scripting in there will most likely pull you in different directions compared to one that is solely work oriented.

I’ll probably be getting one purely work and purpose oriented and then also one for socializing and having fun, playing each one of them at there appropriate times. Yet that doesn’t mean a Custom that contains it all, won’t give you proper results, because it will.

Now with the Q-store available we have the opportunity to create extremely focused and goal-oriented subliminal’s, it’s really a bummer not to take that opportunity.


The question is also when you want to use e.g. both Khan (Social, Sex) and Quantum Limitless (Intelligence, Productivity) cores, if it is better to put them in different subs like you suggested or put them in one sub to create a better synergetic effect (on the premise that one would like to combine those fields simultaneously)

To make it clearer, I wondering about the longterm and short-term effects of these three possibilities:

#1 One sub with Khan and QL cores + Sex Seduction modules + Productivity modules + Results Enhancement (20 modules total)

#2 Two subs: One with Ql core + Productivity modules + Results Enhancement including Mosaic (10-15 modules total) AND one sub with Khan core + Sex Seduction modules + Same or different Results Enhancement including Mosaic (10-15 modules total)
In total 20-30 modules.


#3 Two subs: Both have Khan PLUS QL cores: The first sub: Khan + Ql cores + Productivity modules + Results Enhancement (10-15 total) AND the second: Khan + Ql cores + Sex Seduction modules + Same or different Results Enhancement (10-15 modules total).
In total 20-30 modules.

(On the premise that you do NOT stack each of these subs but listen exclusively)


I’d say let your actions set the parameters of your subliminal use. What are you going to be doing? This is the big one for me.

Each of us follows idiosyncratic patterns of lifestyle based on our past experiences, temperaments, etc. So two elements that are linked for you, might not be linked for me. A quick way to find your own patterns is to look at What You Do. Another way is to look at what you’re persistently thinking about or paying attention to.

In my personal little system, I call the former category (‘What You Do’): the foundational category.
I call the latter category, ‘What You’re Constantly Thinking About’: the aspirational category.

There can definitely be overlap between those two categories. But generally, I’ll organize my focuses (and hence my subliminals) around Foundational Goals and Aspirational Goals.

As an example, I find it pretty easy and natural to read and think. I find it somewhat natural to engage in some forms of physical exercise. Those are foundational for me. They tend to always just be here. I can organize a subliminal program to have those areas reach an optimal level of function.

On the other hand, wealth, business development, philanthropic activities? I think and care about them, but they don’t come as naturally to me. Action comes more gradually in those areas. They are aspirational. Somewhere I dream of reaching. So, I’m also organizing subliminal programs around those areas. But I expect to be more patient with the results in this second category.


This is your go-to, for the sole reason @Malkuth mentioned.

Why would you bother listening to Khan, on a day we’re you’re going to be studying? Create two goal-oriented subliminal’s and use them in accordance to your actions.

On days where you’ll be studying use the Quantum Limitless embedded subliminal, on days where you’ll be socializing, having fun and going out or what have you not, use the Khan related subliminal instead.

Furthermore by using Mosaïc the Intelligence factors established by Quantum Limitless will also enhance the properties of your Khan stack and the other way around.