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Khan St4 works great for working on your goals and this also includes studying. I used it even for 2 months straight without any other sub for intense studying with sheer success. And Quantum Limitless included would immensely enhance the effect.

But to come back to your question:

I need to study a lot, like 6-12 hours a day EVERY DAY.
But the most of my day, I spend in university (when they open up again), where all my friends and cute girls are. It is actually like high school never ended. While there are lectures you need to focus on and study, I am seducing and socializing in the breaks every day. Or going for a party afterwards (which happens very regularly). So it just makes sense to combine these subs, or even when I don’t combine these cores into one sub for other benefits, I would run both subs every day.


In that case it’ll probably be better to combine them into one. Anyhow just listen to your heart, what feels right. There’s no optimal combination, there is only an optimal combination suited to you. Each person is different and each person will act different towards subliminal’s.

Perhaps Khan contains Productivity Unleashed, or scripting related to that, who knows.


Or option 3 :face_with_raised_eyebrow: :smirk:


Just to add, related to that question.

If you build 2 custom subs, maybe custom 1 is 14 modules then custom 2 is 10 modules. And planning to run 1 loop of each per day with rest day.

On the 1st custom sub you have for example DEUS. Do you still need DEUS again on the 2nd custom sub?


Yes, if you have budget, then you could certainly go that route.


One thing I would love to know if Deus, Omnidimensional or Pragya are in the Mandatory Core?

I believe so - The Merger of Worlds is for sure.

This is relevant because I feel like these modules are absolutely essential but if they already are somewhat included in the core, I can just pick what I like or leave them out completely.


I don’t think there’d be a point offering them as options if they were in the mandatory core. As Saint mentioned, the Q system is set up such that duplicate modules doesn’t mean anything in terms of the strength of a modules effect.


Is it still beneficial to listen to a subliminal like StarkQ if the core is already in our custom? What’s sold in the store has different modules correct?


I am in favour of combined sub , as I think having a custom sub with Have it All is good idea . I resonate with @friday when he says days are intertwined with events , like when I am on business tour , I have meetings and in between I would just love to flirt around so that way I feel khan and EOG would work for me , and if I add QL to this May ne I can be more sharp in whatever I am doing .
It might take bit more time as this won’t be allied a focused sub but I take it as overall advancement and areas which matters to me like business , sex , money and sharp mind .
Also I feel it’s good idea to keep playing focused sub which SC offers along with .


In my opion Focused subs are great if one has a specific goal at specific time in life and is willing to ‘sacrifice’ or let go of less important priorities for that.
That said Khan, Stark, and Emperor cores all probably cover the main areas of wealth, romance, intelligence, confidence and character.
I think the value of a sub that has multiple effects and goes in multiple directions is that they can integrate and become more trait oriented as part of the total package of who you are. Rather than training to be in consistent specific state that becomes a trait. Like pure productivity or pure socializing.
From my view, If you want to be someone who can have it all, and goes from meaningful work, to dating/meeting woman to creating… or whatever it is one wants, then train for that. I liken it training for a sport like MMA or crossfit. You have to train all the specific physical attributes for the game to be able to perform across the spectrum. Training multiple traits: speed, explosiveness, maximum strength, mobility, consistently to progress most fully as an athlete. Now if you have a much more highly specific sport or goal you might not do that. Or if it is an off season and you have the space to focus on one specific skill set you might choose that.
For example On EmperorQ I can move from studying intensely, socializing, leading, working, contemplating, planning, and executing my larger vision, meeting woman, seeing woman etc and I feel confident and capable in all those areas with minimal trouble shifting focuses.
This may just be me but If I’ve run Mind’s Eye, Spartan, or Power Can Corrupt-they are very different states, even though the characteristics of Emperor are still there, the lead note is different, and what’s at the forefront of my thinking is different. I wouldn’t want to do certain work after PCC, and I wouldn’t want to go to a low key social situation after Spartan.


Can you elaborate?


I just find a large state shift after running certain subs.
The state shift seems to support the goal of the sub. I.E its easier for me to work out while listening to spartan than when listening to any other sub. If I listen to Spartan earlier in the day and have to work out after I listen to another sub I can, I still feel the benefits of spartan/the effects carry over but the state is not as strong. I don’t feel as physically sharp or motivated, and my performance is slightly diminished. My overall results improve above baseline though regardless of what sub I listened to before working out.
With PCC, it has me want to pursue my own agenda, and doing the admin work competent of the work I do I find it harder to focus, while if I just listened to Emperor I’ll crush it.
Socially on PCC the flavor is sexy social, on Emperor it’s like BAM I’m here and I’m the man whether I say something or not. Woman react differently to me depending on what subs I’ve listened to last.
All the traits and goals of everything I’m listening to are coming together but they lead with different ‘flavors’, depending on what I’ve listened to last. I find these flavors are optimal for specific instances. Emperor is ground zero-I can do the most optimally from there. This is my sense of things, but who knows, could all be in my head lol.


How you felt when running spartan and then you had a social situation?


Would anyone else be interested to buy stop porn and masturbation POMAQ, if it was sold in the traditional store as a stacking module?

  • Yes
  • No

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Would anyone be interested in a Phoenix down and the embedded elixir combined as a stacking standalone? I would buy it.

  • Yes
  • No

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Would anyone else be interested to buy Male Enhancement with all the appropriate result enhancers, if it was sold in the traditional store as a stacking module?

  • Yes
  • No
  • Shut up and take my money
  • Dont have a penis, but sure, why not?

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I’m curious as to whether PoMaQ is effective. It would be great to share in Q Modules Experiences.


I’m not sure of anyone who’s included it in their build


Would anyone else else be interested in seeing all of the Modules Available in the Subliminal Store?

With those high in demand being released first.

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I was going to, but I grabbed Regeneration instead. I knew Regen would either directly or indirectly cause this to happen, and it did