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@mecharc, @SubliminalUser - I have licensed the Stop Porn and Masturbation module but not yet clicked Build on my custom Q sub yet. Will share in the Q Modules Experience when I do. Will have to give it at least a week though since am in preparatory mode with Khan ST1 + QL ST1 + EF ST1


@Sirchiropractixalot - don’t know about stacking module, but when the male equivalent of The Seductress releases, we are sure it will have male enhancement which SaintSovereign had confirmed. Am pretty sure (my guess) that it will have all the sexual modules and enhancers from the Q Store too. So am looking forward to that.


I forgot about that. Looking forward to The Seductress’ FB too.


Yeah, it was fine, but when I wasn’t getting the level of attention, conversation flow, and engagement I wanted, I got bored and walked away


Does anyone know if the male enhancement module is in Primal Seduction? Seems like an obvious title to include it within.


@dorfmeister - in my opinion, it isn’t there in Primal Seduction.


@dorfmeister–I believe that model was made for the Q store originally.

I doubt the creators here would add a physical modulation not directly related to the subs goals without it being explicitly stated.

My best bet would be there is something directing one towards their most masculine, sexy self, and enhancing in that way may reflect the individuals desire on that.


I believe the male enhancement module was scripted after the release of PS (and others) so it’s not in any of the regular store subs but I’m not sure


For a Q sub, what’s the minimum listening time to make progress? What’s the minimum listening time for maintenance?


Too many variables for an answer that holds true for everyone me thinks


Experiment…that’s key


I keep on hearing that word. Experiment. What have you tried so far regarding listening?


I’ll answer with a different approach. It’s all about the indications.

Are you overwhelmed? You are listening too much.
Are you seeing no results? You are either listening too little or too much.
Do emotions come up? Fear, anger, sadness… ease up a bit.
Are you very tired, having headaches? Take a day or two of break and then listen with less loops.

Now, when you understand what your average is, not minimum or maximum, you need to determine your ON, OFF days. E.g. 4 days ON, 1 day OFF (break). Or 5 days ON, 2 days OFF. Again you can figure out your ON and OFF days when you figure out your average. It might take a week or two to determine all these but then you are good to go.

Next thing would be to check if you can listen to it more when 3-4 weeks pass. Reassess.


Or simply not noticing the changes. It happens more than you’d think.


One day heavy one day light


There can be times that you don’t notice changes and all of a sudden someone pays you a complement. It is working.


haha…sometimes could be a complaint …my mum tell me that I am becoming increasingly annoyed recently…I guess ,this means the subs are working great …


Wish there was an easy way to determine the highest power level someone can handle—this is especially important for the Q store. I can envision there being samples of a basic script at different levels and people testing them to see how they feel about each one!


@SubliminalUser - I was thinking about this for a while and the best answer I could give myself is that if I am not sure, just go with Q. That itself is real good. And later, I can go Terminus with the same modules.


Adding to what @raphael said, if you go with Q, you guarantee work is done and if/when work is not enough you have options. Increase loops, increase loops more, take less break days, take no break days. When some months pass you can switch to other strength.

Of course all I write comes from conclusions of posts I read in this forum.