Main Discussion Thread - Q


Just successfully sent Gaming Mastery X through Q. Still needs some tweaking before we can release any Q-generated products, but we’ll get there soon.


We’ll consider it. Q makes things easier, but there are still considerable costs associated with sending a track through it.


so how to we try out for these testings?


Well couldn’t you technically build a custom multistage if you pick similar but different modules for 2 custom name embedded subs?


Nice about time that one gets an update lol. So is the tech in these Q updated products stronger then quantum tech or is it like quantum tech v2?


I’ll send out a testing application form soon. We’ve pretty much finished with the programming that creates masked subliminals. Ultrasonic is giving us a bit of trouble, but we’re making significant headway.


Right now, it’s Quantum Tech. However, @Fire is currently working on advancing the technology for Q’s launch later this year.


Are you guys patenting this tech? It sounds like something you’d want to do :smiley:


so like quantum tech with added name embedding?


Awesome … would love to try the emperor v5 script you have


Yes, gaming mastery X masked?


Can we expect to see physical change modules? A physical change subliminal that actually works would be a dream come true :smiley:. I say that not having tried any existing SubClub products which induce such since I am focusing on Khan for the time being.


How about Ascension or Ascended Mogul?


The ones he listed are probably just the first they will run through and test, then eventually they maybe test them all and update them.


The nice part of course is that since Q will be implemented for single-stage products first, those will finally receive some love again. :slight_smile:


We’re very close to finishing up the programming that produces the ultrasonic file. This part has been difficult, but after almost 48 hours of non-stop work, I can say that we’re in the endgame now. :wink:


Much quicker than expected, it seems!


That is awesome news! I assume within 2 weeks user testing will resume?


I would prefer Aircraft Cabin sound like a competitor is offering and a calm ocean wave or something similar calm. It shouldnt be stressful to listen to.


Well it has to be something neutral for everyone to like it. I guess a higher quality soundtrack, something like raindrops on a windows or ocean waves our indeed pretty neutral. If they we’re to go and use specific soundtracks they should give the option for having multiple masked tracks available.