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For the time being, I’d say get one of the major subliminal programs first before deciding to go for it on the Q store. If a person tries out Stark first for example, (if things are as they were before), it will come with both versions, standard and Terminus. They’ll be able to compare how they respond to each. In the same way, buying Mind’s Eye offers a chance to try out the Terminus2 build.

I think your idea is a really good one. To have a kind of simple ‘tester’ subliminal that is available in all three builds. Maybe for $5-$10 USD.

What are the criteria for choosing between Q, Terminus and Terminus Squared?

On that note, has anyone seen massive success with T^2 so far?


It’s still pretty new, strictly speaking. 24 May was when the first T2 track was available.

That being said, as recently as today, I am observing interesting shifts. It’s weird. It is getting easier to access mental imagery. And I’d consider myself a ‘hard case’. It’s just happening in a kind of surprising way. It’s kind of sneaking up on me. Like when you hear a song being played by a loud car stereo several blocks away. It’s like ‘I hear that, right? Yes. I do hear that!’

The surprising part is that it’s like the imagery is already complex. (To continue the analogy, when you hear a song being played from far away, all the parts of the song are there. It’s not, in other words, a simplified version of the song. It’s just that you’re having trouble hearing it clearly.)


I’ve been running a major subliminal program for months now. Khan Q ST4 in these last two months. Unfortunately, there’s no higher power to try here for comparison. I’d wager that based off my reconciliation symptoms (or the lack thereof) that I could take on a Terminus subliminal. That’s fairly speculative though, given that my custom is going to be fairly different in topics.

This would be a wonderful way to see if someone could benefit from Terminus^2.


@SaintSovereign still havent rcvd this


If you simply buy modules, you’re only licensing them.

Please follow the instructions on the site carefully.


@Fire, do we have the technology at the moment to fully replace steroids that professional bodybuilders use to become super anabolic?


@Fire do i have to pay an additional 99 USD to build the Q for these 2 modules?


I can feel that deeply there are already massive changes going on but until now it is restricted to internal effects.

But I think that physical changes naturally will take longer.


I believe the minimum amount of modules you can have is 10. You can’t have less than that.

You have to license the modules (you can use the ones you’ve licensed in other customs without having to pay the fee again - I believe) and then pay the $99 to build your subliminal.


They’ll come. The external is after all, a mere reflection of the internal.



@dhc you’ll have to buy 8 more modules then choose a build style from the menu. 99 for Q, more for Terminus and T^2

Then when you checkout you can list “modules in cart” then add the other two you purchased previously in the text field.


@dhc Full details here: Q Updates (Pricing Details and Other Matters)


What’s up with that?


Don’t know of anyone following this.


Should we uh go back and do that?


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Think I’ll need to see this modeled to really grasp how it’s done.


We already have a plugin for the forum that will simply force the code to show up beside the module name. Just haven’t turned it on yet. :stuck_out_tongue: