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I have been talking with blackadder about subs and strength of putting three cores in one custom sub, which can slows down the results. The reason I choose to put Khan in mine was because it made me a good salesman (actually dominant enough to close). Does anyone knows of a sub exclusively to add that domination if I were to run Stark + SS as cores to lighten my custom :thinking:


Is there a timeline when the superchargers will be updated? I remember the Libertine ultrasonic was updated to New Dawn without having to change the script, will this also be done with other subliminals? In T2? :slight_smile:


IIRC superchargers are trickier to update to Q because of the voice in it. Hopefully that’ll happen soon. I cannot wait for Libertine Q.


Not sure, but I would guess Alpha of Alpha, Dominion, Iron Frame, Invincible Presence, Power Unleashed, and Godlike Masculinity all may cover the ticket, or possibly attachment destroyer to be freely expressed and dominant without concern for outcome.


I was also thinking the direct influencing aura. But I need to check, I have so much sadness right now, I’m just feeling lonely and sad… seems I am experiencing a lot of reconciliation even after 2 days break.


Maybe that’s Blue Skies saying time to Love yourself even when your lonely and sad :slight_smile:

I just ordered a sub with 4 cores, aries, februus, and blue skies, curious if I’ll respond similarly to you.

I imagine blue skies reconciliation in and of itself is quite a challenge, but with Emperor, and New Beginnings could be brutal. (If I remember/read your sub correctly).

I’m going to run regeneration for a couple weeks before I start listening to my custom consistently. If it helps ease the custom healing mega dose, I’ll let you know.


Whoah! Curious to see how you handle 4 cores. What power level? Terminus?


I’m curious too!
Nah I got it in Q,
Primal Seduction, Khan Stage 1, Emperor Fitness Stage 4, and Spartan for cores.
Q is mad powerful as it is, and I can always build up.
I was thinking I’ll run Q till I can crush it all day with no reconciliation then switch to T.
But as I’m typing this I’m trying out Minds Eye T2. and it definitely has a sedative quality but I’m also experiencing instant results so may consider upgrading to Terminus + sooner.


I have the same plan with switching to T some day but what about the amount of information? For example running 5 loops of Q might make the subconscious halt on processing and have X results but 1-2 loops of T might have X^2 results and still allow the mind to process fine.

Just wondering as I don’t have a lot of info of how each works.


I have no info on how it works other than
T and T squared are builds that are more powerful
than Q but not necessarily better.

From my understanding-I don’t think there’s a halt on processing per say, because that would be more like stonewalling, but there’s a point that the subconscious has a particular response in processing all that new information that we call reconciliation.

Actions aligned with the new information seem to alleviate reconciliation, for me at least. The more I’m doing in alignment with the sub I’m listening too, the more I can listen :slight_smile:

I’m experiencing less reconciliation on T squared than on Q for Mind’s Eye currently.
Half way through mind’s eye Q I get tired, I started Mind’s Eye T2 and got really tired and now I feel amazing and my mind is totally awake.

Even aside from the creators there are people much more suited to differentiate Q and Terminus on this forum than me, that’s just my sense from what I remember reading.


It is my theory that by using all three levels of intensity your unconscious is being hit in different densities. So one is not a substitute for another and I believe it’ll always be important to use the Q version as a baseline.

With that said I’ll probably buy all three versions. Listening to the Q version on a daily basis where as I’ll be listening to Terminus every other day and Terminus² every other week.

From my experience Terminus has brought me instant shifts in consciousness but effects lasted up to a week or so, so it really hits deep.


What’s your listening strategy for terminus on a given day?


No strategy, I just see what feels right. I always take a break in between listening, I never loop head to head and I feel it out.


That’s what I like with the new stronger Q subs.

You put much more awareness into them and can really tell how each loop effects you and in which way. Where before you listened for 16 hours without much thought to it.


“Set and Forget” reminds me of the great @AMASH :relaxed:


Speaking of which, where is @Amash?

He would have been all up in that Q store by now???


Reading Amash’s journal was what had me choose
to switch to Sub Club as my sub vendor.
He’s probably doing a single sub for months and will come
back to share some insane new results. My guess is StarkQ


Currently suspended until we decide otherwise. We received numerous complaints that he was messaging people and attempting to promote / sell his coaching services. We asked him politely to please refrain from using the forum as an advertising platform. Much to our disappointment, he continued to promote his services and the decision was made to suspend his access. It was not a decision made lightly, but we have to look at the larger picture.

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Wow. That’s a damn shame. I looked up to that guy.


I really value this forum as a safe space for what it is. We support each other, learn from each other etc. It’s an abundant world, no need to market here.

Really Surprised to hear that he did that and did not respect the rules even when asked… ce la vie.