Main Discussion Thread - Q


I want to react to this post with the facebook emoji hugging a heart reaction… I just do.


I did the same aswell, and the 3 of the cores i ordered are dense as is lol


Hah! You should see my plan.


Can’t wait to see your plan lol.

I got khan stage 4, EoG stage 4, stark, and UA in 1 custom sub with terminus. But sadly my mind is thinking of switching a lot to something less dense lol. I have had like 4 dreams the past few days of switching out khan and ultimate artist for just modules or making a custom sub with UA. Stark and EoG stage 4 mesh well.


Hahhaa your stack seems denser than mine, it’s sooo heavy!! How is the reconciliation?


Holy Moly… With this stack I expect Genghis Khan to come out of an Iron Man suit with a picture of the Mona Lisa in one hand and a cheque of $50 trillion euros in the other…


I thought you couldn’t add more than 3 major subliminals in a stack for Q?


Surprisingly it isn’t as bad as i thought it was going to be. But maybe I am just not feeling it enough, after a few days/weeks i am sure the reconciliation will be heavy.


Yeah, also make sure you get those rest days in :muscle:


Who’s looking forward to “Main Discussion Thread - Ultima”? :slightly_smiling_face:


Haven’t really read what ultima is about? What does it do?


Not to derail this into an Ultima Hype thread, but saint says it’s the next big thing in the subliminal industry. We dont know what exactly it’s about at this point in time.


New build that is supposed to offer faster results (as quick as one day). The only caveat is that you need high end speakers or headphones to listen


I have audiotechnica ATH M50 headphones which are made for DJing, are those good enough?


Saint said he will reveal more about Ultima next week, but I am 99.9% sure those are good enough. (My final audio 7200 iems are for the trial)


Cool, could maybe fix Ultima on my brand new custom coming up :point_up_2:


Yes those should work. In addition you would need either an external sound card or similar device (people have posted about different ones over in the main Ultima thread) as a stock computer sound card or the one in your phone do not output the “full” sound


I should check out what my sound card is on my PC :open_mouth:


Have ya’ll not been paying attention to the Ultima testing threads? It IS offering results on the first day. About 80% of testers are responding positively. Only issue is that it can leave you feeling a bit burned out. Something we’ll have to address.


Do you have journal for your custom stack ?
Want to follow it . As I was also thinking on similar lines of adding 4 cores , to have base custom , which serves as fortifying ‘ have it all ‘ feel .
For specific goals ofcourse I want to have focused customs or generic prgm s from SC which I find equally potent .