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Does ‘processing’ mean that it is in the Queue? And then it is just a matters of who’s order is first inline?


I recieved mine an hour ago :sunglasses:


When did you order?


Tuesday 14 afternoon


Oh well my order was Friday so it’s probably going to take another week, I’m expecting it by the end of next week.


So, when will the Q-store have a module to overwrite the Human Soul? Apparently, it won’t be as long as some may expect…


Wouldn’t surprise me if the government or a couple governments shut that down then opened it back up as a hidden project.

The status on that also says abandoned


They’ve probably been working on it for the past decades. You never know with the ‘govern-ment(al)’.


Ya agree with you on that, it saying it is abandoned probably means the government shut it down to take over control which most governments would do but never admit to lol


what the fuck


@friday That was my reaction as well


To be honest I am not even surprised - but still wtf


For everyone reading this, feel free to wake up as I cannot do it for you, you must do it for your self.

There’s is no better time, the time is Now.


@Hermit I wasn’t criticizing you at all. I just don’t get it. Hence the WTF?


I know you weren’t :slight_smile: and I wouldn’t judge you, even if you did.

Not sure where you got that from, this was a general comment to attract the souls that do feel the urge to awaken to some kind of truth, at some point in time and wish to private message me about it.

God bless you :heart:


The government is on your side. lol. :wink:


Sexiness Unbound says it removes blockages that might prevent you from showing your sexiness ?. How does this work the reason I ask is that since I slotted this module into my new build i am experiencing serious reconciliation.


I ran it one time, and I was having an easier time expressing myself during various moment when “sexiness” was needed :wink:


@Hermit you seem to be very knowledgeable in this area what is your take on the module Energetic Development ? other then the description what do you feel it helps achieve?


I haven’t used it, so I wouldn’t know. But from it’s description it seems to build your energetic body & structures where by the power and strength of your Aura increases equivalently.

This module really caught my eye and I felt extremely gravitated towards it. My Custom will come either today or tomorrow and it’s included within there so I’ll let you know in the future.