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I am contemplating adding in Aegis Initiative: Survival Instinct in my next custom build. Basically will add to my existing stack together with a couple of enhancers.

Since I already have 20 modules in my build do you think adding the Aegis and two enhancers would they derail my sub ?


Btw EOG isn’t tagged for wealth in the q store just for major sub core


What you reckon combining my existing custom single core emperor with core emperor fitness stage 3. As i want stay in shape.

I am looking to hear from the brains of the forum namely @Sirchiropractixalot @DarkPhilosopher @Malkuth @friday @mnemosyne and @Azriel


@blackadder why-iz-i-thinking-if-i-haz-no-brain-to-think-with


@JCast oh i missed you out sorry you are also one of the brains :slight_smile: please share


@blackadder Honestly I have nothing to say I just felt like being sarcastic and silly


@JCast Good :slight_smile: I like the way you think !


@blackadder Why not


Do you feel like your assimilating well to Emperor currently?

If so then yes by all means add it

if not

I’d wait or run run it as a stage alongside your current custom

honored to be a brain


@Azriel yes I feel i have assimilated alot of the emperor core well. I am thinking in 2 weeks from now add in the emperor fitness core stage 3.


My use of EF st3. I think less of my body from a negative baseline, I just passively think about what I should do to increase my health/fitness/smv, without the toxic elements of comparing myself to others. If I look in the mirror I just subconsciously think about health/fitness/smv in relation to the visible signs of these things.

Exercise motivation is more low energy. I did a lot of measurements of my body and attempted to compile a personalized theory on how big each muscle should be. I never think I am just going to constantly exercise till I am massive. I am not at where I want to be at, but I am just calmly getting there.

The high energy motivation came from the beast unleashed sc.


Why just stage 3?

I dunno if I’m the right one to ask as I’ve created a subliminal neapolitan sundae. Three customs with ultima, aegis and mind’s eye sprinkled around. I’d say do whatever you think you can handle. Do the supporting mods fit with Emperor fitness?

Couldn’t you just run it alongside or are you trying to consolidate your listens?


Started with my weakest point, just skinny and never cared for weight lifting. Ignored st2 since I already have a strong background in aerobics.

Yeah. I listen to my st3 stack the day before I lift (Weekly). The day of lifting I use beast unleashed with other motivation audio.

I did listen to st3+st1 for about 15 days straight, but did not align that with increased lifting so I dropped that schedule.


Spartan and Legacy are both excellent in my experience for getting to workouts and getting through them, in a really powerful way.

I purchased Beast Within/Unleashed a few weeks ago-but not used yet-I’ll try them out


Reason i going straight for ST3 is i wsnt to enhance my muscle mass and get bigger.


@Azriel try out the beast and please report back.


Looks like someone (the patent holder) has been watching too many Hollywood movies and tv series about the nature of the human soul and the digital world. A lot of this sounds like Caprica, or Thirteenth Floor, or any one of several other popular depictions of the same idea.

What is missing in depictions like these is the operator, as well as technical information on not only how interactions are stored, but how the soul learns from them. A head camera for example will not record the same view as a human is observing, there may be defects in the eyes for instance, and there is the simultaneity of the visuals with audio and emotions/body sensations.

I personally doubt the ability for any technology to mimic the holographic, distributed way that the human body records memories of events, let alone play it back. The real purpose of a patent like that would be more along the lines of what Google was trying to do with Google Glass in terms of recording a digital copy of events for posterity (which is limited to the audio and visual senses), for example in case they were needed in a criminal case.


Ooh gotcha. I was replying to @blackadder and being lazy with the reply to button.

I just worry that he’d have to rebuild the custom again when / if needs change.


I’d recommend just adding in ST4 @blackadder. People’s goals change. Eventually if you want to focus more on cardio/fat loss, that same custom will help.


Depends what is meant here by ‘combining‘. If you mean creating a new custom that is completely identical to your current custom with the single exception that it now includes Emperor Fitness stage 3, I’d say that financially that seems like not such a great idea.


It doesn’t seem to add sufficient value.

If finances are so small a concern as to be dismissible, I’d first say ‘Congratulations!’ Then I’d say, ‘Yeah! That sounds like a great idea!’