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Oh. @mnemosyne already made my point.

For less than the cost of a custom subliminal, you can buy all four stages of Emperor Fitness. Your fitness priorities are likely to evolve over time (which is why that’s such an awesome complete program).


Thankyou everyone fir sharing their insights :slight_smile:


I am more like the meme maker of the forum :joy:

If you’re new to working out, I’d probably get Emperor Fitness (non-custom) and actually start with Stage 1 - Mastery. Yes, I know you want to be like The Hulk as fast as you can, but learning HOW to do the exercises correctly from the beginning will minimize your chances of injury which will slow you down in the long run.


Reading the description, I would add eFit St1 to any stack. It’s all about adopting a healthy lifestyle.


Is there any modules in emperor core to deflect or transmute negative energy ? if not then i will add the corresponding module to my custom build.


does anyone else have an increased monkey mind like state caused by q subs? I wonder if theirs any modules that can lessen that, and the feeling of overwhelming mind content when trying to sleep because of the subs.


I don’t find monkey mind happening a lot, but I do find things deeper down in the mind getting stirred up and reorganized. I guess that’s my version of reconciliation. Fact is, I’m running a bunch of Terminus programs. So I guess it makes sense.

I think that if you’re looking for soothing and calming modules, Naturalizer comes to mind.

Sanguine might be another one. (through it’s counter-anxiety effects).

I have not worked with either of them personally though. So that’s just going off of reading the descriptions and using intuition.


EGO ADSUM would be another great antidote to monkey mind.


By monkey mind, you mean, no control absolutely over your mind?

I added Ego Adsum and Joie de vivre in my custom :wink: definitly helped! I’m just drinking my coffee right now and boy does it feel great!


Might have to back off on your exposure. You have to hit the balance between taking in instructions vs executing them. If you find the mental chatter is high and it’s distressing it sounds like you’re putting too much on your plate.


I had to stop stark completely, even tested one loop after taking a break and had monkey mind and insomnia two nights after.

Is it because the scrip is too different from my current mind content and its reconciliation? Ive made a hell of a lot of progress for me business wise with this sub.


Honestly man, I don’t know. What kind of stuff was coming up in your mind? Negative? Or did it feel like working towards something? What time did you listen as well? I find for me about 2 hours after listening is when it kicks in. If you listened too close to sleep that might have been why you had insomnia.


Does the monkey mind affect your ability to meditate?


That’s amazing. And interesting.

Do you even need Stark? Sounds like your mind might be pretty active and full of life already.

Does your monkey mind ever produce ideas of value or interest to you?


I’m not actually sure in what precise sense you’re using the term ‘monkey mind’. The term originates from Buddhist mental cultivation. In that context it refers to an undisciplined mind that jumps from object to object driven by impulse and reflex.

One of the main purposes of Buddhist mental cultivation is to ‘tame’ the undisciplined mind.

Is that the sense in which you mean it?


thays very close to what I mean by monkey mind; its like the opposite of when im in a deep meditation and all thought just fades out like the sun burnt through all the clouds. Thats sort of a new perspective i haven thought of; my mind being overactive already. like most people on the autism spectrum i imagine, i do have a very active mind and im in my head most of the time, its the motivations that steer that activeness of mind that I would like to shift. It feels like having a race car (mind) on jackstands with no wheels (motivation). now that I think of it a stimulating genius sub like start is probably not what I need lol


This happened to me with LibU (Only first loop though). I always associate this feeling with exploration, exposure to something forgotten/ignored. Probably a mix of Enthusiasm, anticipation, and curiosity.


Very excited for the upcoming round of updates to the Q Modules that SubClub hinted at in another thread. Can’t wait to see what new modules are added!


Are you on the autism spectrum?


My therapist thinks so according to the book, which is just a way of classifying a consistantly similar chunk us infinitely varying humans in an effort to understand and maybe accomodate better.

I wouldent be surprised if some of you on the forum would be classified as such aswell with all of the wildly interesting topics and otherworldly knowledge discussed and exchanged here.
apologies for hijacking the thread.


Well I have been suspecting that I am dyspraxic for a while now.