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Make it rain


Shaman drums or Japanese style instruments


Japanese or Chinese style instruments would be nice but so would celtic instruments.


These things sound like cool ideas until you remember that you have to listen for 4-6 hours. Remember that, lol.


Then orgasm sounds, like Libertine.

I’m sure 4-6 hours of that is just fantastic :sunglasses:


Megalovania from Undertale?


White noise?


While I agree, we have to remember that we don’t have to decide on only one sound that needs to be for everyone, all the time. By having the choice of 3-5 different sounds, we can have one that you play only from time to time. E.g.

Something that gets you pumped. Something that is more auditorily pleasing.


I’d find a subliminal track that included sleep entrainment that would not require headphones to be useful, though not in any way essential.


Actually, the opposite is true. Q generates one masked subliminal and one ultrasonic and the system only allows for a limited amount of masked files. Also, consider the fact that Q generated custom titles will cost more than our major programs. So, if you pay the premium for a custom title, you’ll want a mask that’s palatable for long periods of time unless you rely more on ultrasonic more. That means, we have to find sounds that – percentage wise – appeals to the highest amount of users.


White noise is a possibility.


We’re looking into creating masked files that includes all kinds of entrainment. That’ll be later this year, though.


Will Q be able to be used to update supercharger titles such as dreams and beyond limitless?


Oh so you will only get one masked subliminal where I thought you get at least 2.

But still, many people “never” listen to masked subliminals, including me. And I would rather enjoy a masked subliminal which has a pumping track for on the go when I feel like it than a rain sound.


Honestly, though, it is pretty likely I would only use the standard issue masked track, and I am fine with it as it is.


I really like the white noise idea and the shamanic idea, maybe u could use schumann resonance drum noises with the earth frequency that can help us relax, make us grounded and more open to accepting the subliminals.

As of Amash’s idea, I love it waay too much but I don’t wanna be running to the bathroom every half an hour since it’s too uncontrollable anymore :wink::face_with_hand_over_mouth:, it could be super distracting tbh, but also :drooling_face:, choices choices


Spend 4-6 hours in theta and time will fly by… :slight_smile:


Maybe it would be ok if you’re going to bed. But how will you be able to get any work done?


Very, very focused. :wink:


You play this side by side when playing subs?