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I had to look that up, never heard about it.
Do you have trouble with motorskills, or any kind of movements?


Yes, very much - was never good at activities requiring strong hand-eye coordination like ball games, dancing and driving and my reaction time is very very slow.

It even affects my sensory input , bodily awareness as well as my Mind’s Eye.,below%20their%20line%20of%20sight.

Right now I’m hoping to focus on addressing that after I address more pertaining issues with my current custom subliminal.


Masters Coordination
Emperor Fitness Stage 1
Epigenetics and DNA Modulator

(I’m being that guy who just speaks in modules. :joy: It’s intended, in part, facetiously. I don’t know how much or quickly these would take effect.)

The Capitalist King

Yea, all that is going into my next custom.

I have to focus on one thing at a time.


What is this ‘focus on one thing’ of which you speak?

Seriously though, you’re right. That is wise. Step by step is how it is attained.


Financial security and wealth-building. :grinning:


Well the good news is it doesent take much body coordination to make money, you can theoretically just be a head with two arms and a laptop and make all the money you want. Sometimes I wake up just sleep deprived and dazed like; f*ck it im doin real estate, wheres my laptop haha.
If i was still doin construction that’d be a whole nother story.


I remember that there is a guy who said that he had cerebral palsy and had success with Ascended Mogul.

Here are two users who said they are on the autistic spectrum.


When it comes to stacking let’s say I run Ascended mogul and I stack limit destroyer right after what if I want to also stack Godlike masculinity as well ? Is one stacker sub the limit to use after listening to a major sub that’s Q ? like if I did ascended mogul, then limit destroyer then godlike masculinity would godlike masculinity not be as powerful because I’m not directly running it after a major subliminal ?


I wonder how stacking regeneration and total break down would be if you ran limit desstroyer and rebirth ultimas afterword. I wonder if that would speed up the breakdown and healing process.


I think it would only not be as powerful because you have more in your stack,
the ‘color’s’ of the most recent sub run are more prominent in my experience, but ultimately I don’t believe the timing makes a difference for the scripts coming to effect you. Whatever is in your stack for the day gets in so to speak…pending excess processing or reconcilliation.


Nowadays i feel my mind a little bit cluster…i always take 2 days off and still have some kind of reconcilistion… i also use 2 hours of silence but have 6 Q tracks running all night. Honestly ill just continue till it goes away… the Anger has gone for good, now most of the times i feel an apathy feeling like i am here but i am not, sometimes everything happens out of the blue and then other time i feel vulnerable and weak and emotional but other times powerfull, god like. Its just a matter or repetition… i have very tangible results already but my theory is that each stage of manifestation / success your subconscious makes you go through all this too see if you can take it and eventually accept it and reward you greatly.


This question may have already been answered. I tried searching for it but couldn’t find it.

Let’s say I purchased a custom q already.

It has 20 modules in it but no “core” could I swap one of the modules for a core module at a discounted price? Or would it be the $100+ to build the title?

Also is it better to have a core?

I feel like a core module would give it more of a guiding principle. I was thinking of adding an alchemist vibe to it.


It’d still be $99 to build the title, plus the price of licensing the new modules. We can’t really discount the build fee – right now, there’s a human that still does some manual processing + the price of the computing power, since we use cloud computing to do the calculations necessary to make the titles work. Q is very complex, ya’ll. It’s not just running some kind of script. It literally analyzes the modules you choose and does some “balancing” to connect everything.


Out of curiosity, how would you quantify the power increase through name embedding? E.g. Q sub vs name-embedded Q sub.


I wish the Q store would list that the order is complete. I’m aware that the download links can’t be on there for some reason, but the order is still listed as processing even though I got the download link in email hours ago.


It’s a bug, for me the instant it was done it said “Completed”


I just got an email saying my order is now complete. :joy:


The order doesn’t switch to complete until Q can validate that the order was successfully delivered. Some email services don’t allow that, so it waits until the file was downloaded. That validation takes a few days. It’s to let us know which orders have been successfully delivered.


Weird. I received my “completed” email, but not the link email, and it’s not in my spam folder. Previously I’ve always received the link email first. I’ll give it a little more time to arrive, but not sure why it marked it as completed though since I have no link yet to download it from.