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I’ve seen that happen before. the link email eventually shows up.


I just thought it was weird given what @SaintSovereign said above, since I neither received the email nor (obviously) downloaded it.

I ended up submitting a support request, so hopefully it’ll be sorted out soon since I can’t receive the custom without the download link.


PM me your order number and I’ll look into it personally. We’ll fix these problems eventually. It’s rough creating a completed automated system, especially with some of the stuff we’ve got built into it but haven’t announced yet.


Found the issue. Your email server is blocking our emails. PMed the link to your file. The store email is send through the PHP mail function, but the Q emails are sent through Sendgrid. Your server doesn’t like the latter.


All sorted, thank you. :+1:


What if there is a mistake in the spelling of the modules requested on the build purchase or other user errors…can the automated system handle it? Or is this still a person checking that part…


Having an “available modules” picker during checkout would be ideal, and since the Q shop is built on Wordpress (I’m just assuming it’s WooCommerce, like the main shop) it should be fairly doable.


Lots of programmers here on this forum.


I’m trying to build my quad pay credit
as it was not large enough for a full 20 module custom in terminus
so I did one order of modules to license
and then did another order with the build and the remaining modules.

I didn’t say modules in cart, I manually numbered and wrote the modules I wanted down (which I had previously licensed or licensed in that purchase.)

So my second order was 3 modules to license, then those three and the previous 17 in a list along with a terminus build purchase. It was just kind of messy, and I want confidence any of my potential user errors didn’t effect what I actually intended to build. Especially if there is an automated system.
I have a lot of confidence in sub club, and it could be my own irrational concern, but that’s where am at.


Quad pay, I’m going to look into it. What is the starting limit?


Does it check credit to sign up?


No, you don’t give any info other than your phone number, email, and credit card.

They say it’s based on an Algorithm but I’m not sure if that’s what they give everyone or individuals. Since they don’t do credit check. They can’t raise your limit manually raised. Only through paying stuff off on time or early.

Most people start with $200


So it is like their own credit rating system.


A human checks every order before it starts building.


We’re already on it.


@SaintSovereign Please create a checkbox style for selecting all modules. As a user, I am able to click on a checkbox to select each module I want in the checkout process. This will have predefined values that Sub Club chooses. This will eliminate human error from customer and business side. This will create one set of standards. In writing it is harder to explain. A mock-up would illustrate the user perspective and business perspective clearly.


See the message above your post.


Three sections for choosing cores/modules. I saw the above post, I was just providing more details/suggestions.


has anyone tried building a custom with only results enhancement modules? just curious hahaha


Haven’t tried, but I was going to, see how much it supports/amplifies the other subs in the stack.

An automated system would work with the checkbox system to avoid typos. And even if it didn’t, you would likely get an error upon clicking next saying that the module you typed does not exist. No worries there.