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Thanks, I’m sure the automated system will be fool proof once set, in the meantime Saint confirmed a trusty human was present for my above mentioned order.


@Floridianninja has done built a results enhancers-only sub, so it stacks with any major program. I think I’ve seen a couple of others as well…?


Will the developments of Ultima lead to updates of the Q build method/scripting? I love the Ultima effects but I just find the masked version limiting…


Ultima requires a hybrid format. There won’t be an ultrasonic only version for quite some time, if ever.


I prefer hybrid since it feels like both sides are being covered so it creates results faster imo.



What’s happens when the modules are not 100% aligned with the goals of the core? Will this trigger more reconciliation?


The main factors that limit alignment are your own mind and life, not the subliminals. Those are also what will most impact reconciliation.

It’s your mind that is the thing being reconciled. And it’s being reconciled with the standards of the subliminals as perceived and understood by your mind.

How much do your mind and life need to change to match the standards that they’re perceiving from the modules? And how difficult will that change be to enact? That’s how much reconciliation you’ll experience.


I’d say if you were running modules (core or otherwise) with wildly different goals, they would be less effective since it’s confusing. Try being introvert and extrovert at the same time. :slight_smile:

I don’t think that affects reconciliation. But when it comes to reconciliation, I’m still in denial if I believe Saint.


I wonder if there exists sometimes an additional layer of reconcilation.

First layer of reconcilation: The mind has to reconcile itself so that it can fully understand the subliminal (or to fully capture the message).

Second layer of reconciliation: The mind fully understands the subliminal instructions. However, the instructions specified in the subliminals are difficult to execute given the current circumstances and therefore a second layer of reconciliation occurs.

We can use the example of a wartime encrypted message.

General Command Headquarters has sent an urgent encrypted message via telegraph to the Commanding Officer of the 7th Division to capture a new objective.

However, due to some technical problems as well as a surprise invasion by the enemy, it took a while for the encrypted message to be deciphered (1st layer of reconciliation) by 7th Division’s communications staff as they had to spend time fending off the ambush.

When 7th Division managed to decipher fully the message sent over from GCHQ, there were more difficulties in executing the orders from GCHQ since the orders were made on assumption that there was no surprise invasion from the enemy to deal with, and therefore, a lot of things had to be replanned in order to best execute GCHQ’s orders. (2nd layer of reconciliation).

Hope I’m making sense.


The analogy is clear.

Step 1: decryption
Step 2: execution

I think you’re saying that challenges could occur at either of those two steps, and in either case the result would be reconciliation

It’s an interesting idea. I don’t know.

I’ve always assumed that encryption/decryption was not really a factor.

I’ve thought the messages were probably pretty straightforward and that the main trick was in removing or circumventing the psychological blocks of the conscious mind.

Your analogy makes sense and is of course possible. But I think I’ll go on assuming that the messages are easy to understand, since that works in my favor. :wink:


Why can we not pay using PayPal? :frowning:


Ask again in its own thread and we’ll tell you that you should be able to do so (unless new customers can’t just yet).


Unfortunately, PayPal isn’t available on the Q store to the general public because they don’t support our no refunds policy on custom builds.

We allow PayPal on the Q store for trusted customers. If you’ve purchased a number of titles from us without refunding, we’ll consider it.


Is the queue still full?


I am still waiting for my custom… :X so I guess so


When did you order?


26th. I guess it took longer than I would have subjectively expected because of the weekend being in the middle there. Was hoping it’d be ready now but yeah still not, probably sometime today. But again other side of the coin, I guess they are releasing something epic for us all meanwhile :D!


Have you purchased libertine?


No… unfortunately not :stuck_out_tongue:


Consider that as the surprise that has been talked about is coming for people who purchased it. Not to mention, upgrades are free but it’s not guaranteed that the price stays the same between versions.