Main Discussion Thread - Q


I know all that. I am just giving you and others some positive vibes. :wink:


It’ll be today, and we’re catching up on the queue.


Thank you so much :D! :heart_eyes::heart_eyes::heart_eyes:


Trust me I know how you feel. I literally am lusting after my custom like I plan to make it my wife.


It’s tough. Up there it says ‘after a few hours’ the custom will be ready so I’m guessing down the line, this will be their plan. Those days will be epic :smiley:


Just got word that my licensing order was completed so now I’m just waiting on the build part to be completed and delivery of the files of course.


Same here, they are just going through all the orders, I wonder how many there were :open_mouth:


No telling, it’s seems almost as if there are more custom orders, than orders from the main store these days.


Well, lets be honest, custom subs are REALLY cool :wink:


No lie there. The way subclub is handling the Q store alone solidifies them as the future of the industry. Gonna get even crazier once the main store is designed to have all programs name embedded by default.


And this is closer than you think. I was shown a demo of the fully automatic technology today. We’ll definitely be rolling it out later this year.


That’s phenomenal! Can’t wait to see how effective Khan Q is with name-embedding.


Then how appropriate that one of your flagship products is named Emperor, being that this company has become Emperor of the industry.


Woah 2020 :open_mouth: ?


One question, excuse me if this was already answered before.

To add name-embedding on the normal programs offered on the store, and I have already some of them in my possession, will be there any cost in adding my name to them?

Don’t have any problem if there’s a cost. What has worth is worth paying for it.


f r e e
u p g r a d e

@PurpleRT73 consider making purchases now so you get them before the price raise which I’m sure there will be.


Really? Oh man.

This company… I feel grateful to be part of it’s community. Hot damn!

Hah! Don’t worry, I got what I need now.
I think…


SubClub really is something. In all my years of using services from small-medium businesses and subliminals I can’t say I’ve encountered a group like this.


Yeah, me too never saw something like this.
Ten years of using the internet, and never saw a company like this. So supportive, affordable, good community and life-changing.



My only regret is that I wish I could have had access these back when I was 18 or 19