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I’ve actually thought about this a few times. Like, “What if I had Khan back in high school?” or “Maybe things would have turned out differently with Inner Circle in college?” Well, SubClub didn’t even exist at this time so I don’t have regrets there. If it were for ignorance of its existence during these times then that would be something else. So it is what it is…


@SubliminalUser I agree .Regret was the wrong word.


Yeah man, don’t sweat it. The best part is that we can use them right here, right now.
Regardless of the past, we can now mold our life. It’s never late for it.


That’s why you will need Ultima Dreams to bring you back to that time period…


I often get on myself for the metric fuck ton of mistakes I have made in the past that were very much avoidable. I could probably write a book or manual on how not to be a walking red flag in relationships or life


I we had SubClub back then, we wouldnt have the privilege of enjoying it now!
Discovering at this age, at this precise time of our lives, the gifts we are getting. We truly are a lucky bunch.


Now is the right time.


You should really try to heal that or learn to let it go. Like ya things might be different or they might be the same you never know, going back and changing the past could have repercussions on a grand scale in your life. It is better to just accept what has happened and learn to let it go, the more you wishful think or regret the more you are wasting time you could be spending on other things in life plus all it does is bring someone down and who wants to feel like that?


The point of life is to live and learn, and also enjoy life. But you can’t learn if you don’t make mistakes. I mean you can learn plenty but life is like a series of trial and error, you learn by doing. I have messed up plenty in my life and only I am to blame for where I currently am in life right now, but i also learned a lot by making a ton of mistakes. Also there is no guarantee that if i went back and fixed my mistakes that other worse situations wouldn’t have occurred. Have to take the good with the bad lol.

Letting go and detaching from the past is a very difficult thing to do but it is very achievable. Things run much smoother for you in life if you accept the past for what it is then live more in the present and sometimes in the future. But living in the future is also dangerous because we often focus too much on it and stop enjoying the here and now.


Not sure if there will be a cost or not. Technically, it’s a custom, not an upgrade. We’ll see.


That makes a lot of sense since it is technically an extra step and not everyone will want it done.


Still, if there is one, I’m still in. This is life changing and it’s worth it considering the goals we can achieve with this stuff.


THis company is awesome man. A Name embedded Khan would be wild. I ran Khan for the majority of last year and I was traveling picking up Gigs across the country last year. Now name embedded? Can’t wait.


Wouldn’t just making Customs with the different stages of Khan be similar if not better?


Bro. Seriously.

Eff that. I relate.

It’s not true regret. But more of a kind of wistful appreciation and a wry look at the ups and downs of the past.

But either way, yeah, I feel it.

But the reason it’s not true regret is that @JCast, painful and embarrassing or not, these past experiences are precisely what fuel the appreciation we have of this opportunity right now. I don’t know about ‘making me stronger’, but I can say that every negative past experience that didn’t kill me (guess that’s all of them?), has really ratched up my appreciation for the blessings I have.

People who only experience comfort and blessings tend to start taking them for granted pretty quickly.


Imagine how much more quickly a subliminal like these would have worked when we were younger! I started becoming aware of some social stuff, particularly as they relate to the past (perceived past I should say), when I was in early high school. Would’ve been interesting


yes. as a 47 year old man with the temerity to run a module like Emperor Fitness Height Inducer, I can really appreciate your point. :rofl:

It’d be another thing entirely to run that module while your body’s still actively growing taller.


Exactly. Physical subs would have a more profound impact. Especially regarding fat because the number of our fat cells is fixed after adolescence. Well, if a teen got ripped using Emperor Fitness with low body fat, that would be beneficial for resistance to fat gain for life.


Well at 18 year old you would like to ask money to your parents to pay the custom subs ? Dad can you give me 400 bucks to enhance my penis ? :rofl:


That’s true. Most of these things weren’t financially feasible at the time.