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I did propose a Late Bloomers sub a while back.


“Well, son, go out there and start mowing the lawn. I’d estimate that at about 1/2 an inch per year. By the time, you’re 22 or so, you should have a penis that’s the talk of the town!”

“Thanks, Dad!”

“I’m glad we had this talk, son.”


Though having it as a free upgrade would definitely blow away the competition :exploding_head:


Competition has been dead since the birth of Q.


I can agree with that!


IMHO competition was dead since Emperor… since Khan… EoG… Alchemist… QL… and then Q :smiley:


Indeed, it’s not the same as choosing which card and pay for it without asking.

With your statement I can sadly relate to.
(Mind you, I never told what’s inside it) :sweat_smile:


E, K, E, QL were class apart but it was still comparable to the stuff by good competitors… Q has objectively destroyed competition.


Yes that’s true. This whole idea of subs being so powerful that a few loops (or even ONE with Terminus) a day is sufficient and rest days are needed just shifted the listening paradigm.


Is there anybody who had the procedure for our e-mail when the process complete is done but the link is not sent?

I remember I have something about it on the forum, but can’t find it anymore.


I have personally noticed that when you combine a Core with several modules in a Custom, which manifests into diminished results of that actual Core.

Making total sense, as the amount of suggestions related to each Core gets decreased massively. So depending on the amount of modules you choose to add to ‘enhance’ the Core, the actual output of it will be diminished accordingly.

I am proposing to have some kind of customization, having the ability to choose how pronounced your Cores & Modules become related to each other. And of course, over the long run a Core will have more and more effect over your life, yet the overal execution and output of a Custom will strictly depend on the actual inner-connection between suggestions of scripts and the repetitiveness of them.

The total culmination of those suggestions will create the Archetypal blueprint of your Custom. Each suggestion will charge you a variable amount of energy to become processed & executed, giving certain effects to the listener.

@friday and me have came to this conclusion just a few minutes ago.


Till then, I guess it really might be good to run the main programs from the Shop alongside the same custom cores from the Store :+1:t2:


How about adding healing to your core to make the ride smoother and enjoy life even more :wink:


I’m cure if a core of a program is available in the Q stire does that mean certain moduls are no longer part of that? For example Khan St 1 and I Am


Wow this realization was so profound for me


@unusualfellow, was also my thinking. For example you can have a Custom with Daredevil, Stark and Ascended Mogul. So whenever you go out you run the Daredevil Core to enhance that part, while you can use Stark for creative endeavors and productivity, Ascended Mogul for productivity and masculinity.

Could you elaborate a little further? I’m not sure if I’m understanding this correctly.


I had confirmed that when I ran Primal Seduction on its own as compared to my custom (same earlier on with Stark). I had the intuition to do what @unusualfellow suggested for now as a much simpler solution to the same problem. Not just because of the density of the custoins, but because without the name embedding the scripting and the result is much more predictable and has been tested by plenty of SubClub users before me. Since the non name embedded versions are likely to be going away before the end of this year, it pays to have them in your arsenal like the earlier versions of other subs (like Emperor V4) in case desired effects are lost with the changes.


Actually name-embedding only makes the scripts more effective, as your unconscious will pay way more attention to what’s being said. However it seems very logical for the Customs to act in this way, as we can also see it with the effects of Ascension to be diluted in various programs – Ascended Mogul < Emperor, etc.

Ascension is a powerful script not only because of the script itself but also because it is a title which is very compact with a duration of one hour. Imagine how many times it is being suggested when you’re listening to it, especially compared to a Custom that is thrice the denseness of scripting due to additional modules.

Nothing has changed to the Ascension script, it’s a profound script and nothing has been changed to it script-wise, now the totality of the program has been altered where by it becomes less focused upon in one loop, meaning that the script will execute to a lesser extend compared to what I’ve experienced previously.


I was thinking about trying out a name-embedded Ascension once name-embedding arrives. Running it SOLO for just 30 days is probably enough to make massive changes.


Yes, that’s what the official word is on name embedding, but I don’t see any proof of that statement in terms of results from users running a sub with VS without embedding or with the processes used on the Q store to knit the modules together into a smaller space of time. It seems like with the diversity of individuals it would be a difficult thing to prove anyway, since results vary from individual to individual based on their resistances. I’d suspect adding a name changes the flow of the hypnotic language patterns used.

Regardless, “for science”, its always better to build on whats tested and to experiment. I’m liking the effect that PS core is having on me on its own rather than in a custom with 14 other modules.