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Perhaps because people are not reporting on it, and because most people have literally disappeared from the forum ever since the Q-store was released. Do you really think people still bother visiting this forum when there life is full of ecstasy?

Most people come here because they want to get there life in order and subliminal’s will help them with that, once they get things rolling you’ll never hear from them again. Due to our current society, people are very service to self oriented and I don’t blame them.

Anyhow, I can personally attest to name-embedding increasing subliminal processing & execution tremendously. But then again, how would you even want people to proof that to you, as it is a highly subjective experience. Nonetheless, it makes very much logical sense that name-embedding increases effectiveness, and frankly saint & fire surely would of done a handful of testing regarding name-embedding making sure it is effective before rolling it out.

Unfortunately, the Q-store is limited to 10 modules so you cannot make something highly focused and compact. I totally understand the point you’re making here though, but you cannot expect a denser program to manifest more quickly due to name-embedding.

We’ll have to wait for Warp Speed Technologies before something like that becomes possible.


Well you already pointed out:

Knowing that, why would you not get a copy of the cores to use alongside the custom anyway? Me, I’ve always preferred to hedge my bets :slight_smile:


Time and money.


I get that, I don’t earn much in my job either, but since April 25 I’ve managed to amass 19 programs (custom is included in that number) which comprise boosters and major programs, including Quantum Limitless. Plus one non SC program @ about $70 cost. All up that’s a lot of money, but I intend to be running these programs long into the future and consider it an investment in myself.


That’s impressive. If I had that many programs at this point I’d feel bad at one point or another for not giving some program any listening time! :stuck_out_tongue:


It’s really more about managing emotions, like negative emotions, loving yourself, being less attached to things, etc.

All these things will give you an extra edge so you can live better while the subliminal is slowly helping you grow in a certain direction :wink:


I guess you mis-understood the question, that wasn’t my concern. Honestly if people are experiencing any of the former mentioned symptoms it is fair to say that no subliminal will ever help if they cannot take responsibility for there own well-being.

Personally I do not experience any of those. My question was more oriented about enhancing the Cores of Customs. Because initially I desired customization to enable me to create my own kind of title, I was suggesting this possibility so it may enable use to go that route.

Though, I do appreciate the insights :slight_smile: .


Oh, you mean a little bit like they did for HoM, they breaked down some parts of HoM to include them as modules!


I have been listening to ascension almost 90days and I don’t see any results …I have increased the loops as well per saint advice …and dropped other subs and only run ascension. Doesn’t work for me AT ALL. I’m starting to get frustrated tbh. How will Khan work for me if even ascension doesn’t work? Idk whether to go for Khan or go straight for name embedded custom sub from Q store.


Have you experienced vivid dreams and / or days of unexplained sadness / anger / depression?

Don’t buy anymore titles until we can help you breakthrough these mental walls preventing you from seeing results.


Have you tried listening to limit destroyer or rebirth?

Are you saying anything to yourself like oh these don’t work or i am not seeing any results or anything along those lines because you can create blocks in your mind that will take subs longer to work or see results.

Are you sure you aren’t seeing results maybe here and there things have happened even small things?


Name embedding has been extremely effective for me.


@SaintSovereign When I listen before bed yes I see vivid dreams. I figured Khan stage 1 will get rid of my blockages since it’s a complete breakdown is it not? I’m almost :100: certain I have deep rooted blockages and figured Khan TB can get rid of them or I AM in Q.


I bought regeneration but as per many users here and saint advice I dropped listening to it after about 60 days. No I don’t say anything and I ve been always reading here and learning pretty much all the time. I know the subs are effective but I have many blockages and beliefs I need to get rid of and I think that’s what’s holding me from noticing results. I have taken many measures like rests, different listening pattern, increase loops, decrease. Now I’m running solo ascension. I’m getting vivid dreams so that it sign that there is something going on, I just wish I can act upon them or notice changes consciously myself. Sadly still hasn’t happened yet. But il keep on trying till i break through, I don’t like to give up. But I am frustrated for sure. Also I barely get headaches. I also have LU and first time I looped it twice… but my main priority and concern is Ascension and seeing results from it. I want to buy Khan and run it till new year.


Check up with SaintSovereign before starting to buy stuff, we need to figure out where is the blockage.

Is it your mind that blocks the change, or is it that your mind is blocking you seeing results. Khan St1 might do it, but it might not and it maybe even more frustrating when you invested 100$ on it. Limit destroyer ultima or rebirth ultima? Maybe. At this point just take SaintSovereign’s advice, he will help you out.

And by the way @Sigma11, proud of your commitment to running Ascension for so long, I’ve ran titles for like 30 days :joy: (even my customs, my second one was perfect, but medici came out and I had to add it to my mix)


Guess you see results so you can try different stuff …kinda jealousy but it’s great for you haahah


I just did the 16 personality types and I am INFP - dreamer apparently. So now I gotta question that may or may not been answered here. Can subs changed your personality type? Ofcourse over period of time and dedication ofcourse. Also anyone here with that type lol?


Anything is possible, but Saint has said probably not.

Khan new way of life

First off I’d say not to put too much emphasis on personality type, as to not box yourself in. That being said, as an INFP myself, it’s a very stubborn personality type. I personally have this very high bar/ideal of perfectionism and when I don’t reach that ideal everyday, it’s a set-up for disappointment. I have to fight against this constantly and give myself pats on the back for incremental progress.

That’s also how subliminals work, incremental progress. Changes may only be noticeable month-to-month, not day-to-day.

Subliminals that I’ve been actually able to notice effects were Primal, Emperor V3, and Khan ST2/Khan ST3. Khan ST1 (and to a lesser degree ST2) and Khan ST4 I almost “felt” nothing.

If you’ve been listening constantly for months, it might be worth taking a break for a week or 2 and see if you notice any bloom effect. Otherwise, may be worth switching up your listening pattern. If you mainly listen to masked, listen to ultrasonic.

My best results with Emperor V3 came with me listening to ultrasonic for 5-8 hours overnight, and a few masked loops during daytime. Then every 3-4 weeks I would take a 2-3 day break. That and making a daily checklist of things I had to do for the day to affirm the action-taking part of the equation.


There are a couple of us here. I think life, in general, can shift your type especially if some of your traits are closer to the midpoint.

Right after college I was an INTJ but my T & J were so close to the midpoint that it doesn’t surprise me that I’ve softened to a (still pretty close to the midpoint of T/F J/P ) INFP.

Tests like DISC and Personalysis will give you what you’re testing at now and what you’re naturally inclined to depending on the questions.


It’s one of those circular ouroboros paradoxical types of situations. Any desire to change your personality type is, in all likelihood, an expression of that exact same personality type. So that even if the type were to begin to change, it would also be very likely that the desire and the motivation would change too.

I’d say it’s a more viable strategy to pursue more general, perennial sorts of ideals like joy, power, etc., and let Nature work out the details. After all, if you’re thriving in joy, engagement, and well-being beyond your wildest dreams, who cares what your personality type is?

Anyway, yeah. INFP here too.