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I agree with that a lot, just wanted to know more about myself and why I act the way I act in certain situations and/or scenarios. Apparently INFPs are poor communicators and I’m really bad at communicating my emotions so I always wondered why I was like that and it was bothering me a lot.


Thanks for the info man.

I don’t like to listen to ultrasonic because I use my phone, that’s why I got really good quality headphones like the Sennheiser hd280 pro. And it’s not one of those where you can leave in overnight. So ultrasonics unfortunately are out of the question for now. What I will do as of now though is to listen to masked overnight for about 2-3 weeks, then take a break. See what happens once I do this. I know they by doing this I won’t have deep sleep but for 2-3 weeks I’m ok with that. Looks like it won’t work exposing myself to ascension for only 2-3 loops a day. 5-6 loops overnight will be the goal starting from tonight.


Bad at certain types of communication. Absolutely excellent at others.

One thing you should know. If there’s something specific that you really want to do, you will do it. And nothing will stop you.


In regards to Ultrasonic’s, a question pointed at Iphone users in particular. How loudly do you listen ultrasonic’s on, for example during sleep?


I’m curious if there’s a way to know how many pages of script are on each module?

If I were to guess I’d say it’s 10 pages for regular modules and 20-30 pages for cores? How much would some of the Stage 4’s have?

Just want to know how much info I’m putting on my customs if I put 20 vs 10 modules.



A bit less than half volume


Saint has decided that they won’t disclose page information because he doesn’t want people to get hung up on page size. This is especially because page count doesn’t correlate to reconciliation potential/heaviness perfectly.


Im INFP as well. I already asked, but Saint hesitate to go into personality change.
on other side when I ran Iron throne I was able easily pickup attraction signals when I played girls. Thats something what goes naturally for somebody with Extroverted sensing in their first four cognitive functions. It wasnt just Ne patterns spoting. I was able see and extract more info from people around me , react faster and use it conversation . So INFP would definitely profit from their shadow functions. One day we may see all 8functions in Qmodules.
Im going put request for them :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


If you’re getting vivid dreams, you’re processing the programming. The first question to ask yourself is whether or not you’re not actually getting results. How have you come to the conclusion that nothing’s happening? How are you measuring what the subliminals are doing? This is why you need a journal – online or offline, so that you have an objective measure of what’s changing, rather than relying on passively “noticing” things.

We can’t tell you how many times we’ve had people write us angry emails about “not seeing any upgrades or changes,” end up on the blocklist, then later they realize that they have changed and beg us for removal off the list.

Without an objective measuring system (like journaling), it’s hard to see what’s changed. It’s like when a person starts going to the gym and receives a ton of compliments about their physique, but it’s hard for them to see the changes because it’s such a slow, gradual process that it seems nothing has changed.

So – what are you expecting to have happened that hasn’t?


What if i’m not having vivid dreams?


It’s possible you’re getting dreams but don’t have good dream recall.

Do you feel any effects from the subs? What’s your stack like?


Time for DREAMS Ultima to come in and save the day.


@SaintSovereign I have an offline journal to follow my progress, well from what I’ve read from users here and what they say about Ascension, those changes haven’t happened to me. Yes I understand everyone is different but fr my progress journals I have read up untill now since I started listening apart from vivid dreams there is nothing else to report. I will continue to listen for at least one more month to hit the 120 days mark and if nothing reported, I will go for stronger sub like Khan or a custom with only 10 modules with T strength. I have also changed my listening pattern and increased loops. I don’t for even slightest doubt that your subs don’t work. I’m really hoping to get results as all other users here have gotten. Hence why I mentioned I may have deep blockages that perhaps stronger subs with Terminus strength can brake into.


Your listening patterns?


I would advise sticking on Ascension until this is figured out @Sigma11. Ascension is supposed to be among the fastest subliminals in terms of results so it doesn’t bode well for satisfaction if you jump to a longer-term sub and continue to not get what you’re looking for.


I now do 5-6 loops while I’m sleeping. Previously I would do 1 loop before bed and 1 loop after waking up. Maybe run a loop during the day. That’s about it


Hmm…that is something. Here’s what I’d recommend to sort of reset things:

  • Take a week long break. This is a subliminal washout where you may experience a subliminal bloom.
  • Then, start listening again. This time, however, listen according to the guidelines set aside by SubClub in their latest single audio listening recommendations.


That’s exactly why I went for Ascension, because it works quick. I have yet to see those changes…but no point for me to keep running it past 120 days if I don’t see any progress. Some users here said that while Q didn’t work for them, T strength did. Maybe I’m one of those…one thing is for certain, I won’t give up till I see results. And il try everything till I see results and notice changes.


Already took a break when I made a thread here about 2 weeks ago. But I will take 5 day break closer to the new month. That’s when I’m most certain will determine whether Ascension will be make or break for me.


I would say thats too much exposure…
Q is damn powerful…
Start with one loop then take two days break then one again and see how you feel…
You also need to take a break cause you will have lots lf procesaing backed up…
How do break days feel for you?
Personally i dont get dreams…but i learnt how the subs affect me.