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I listen to emperor x3, QL ST3 X3 and SM x1/2 during the day. 3 days of listening to this playlist and 2 rest days. Sometimes i feel more alpha with people, and study is a little easier.


As another INFP, I’d say it’s important to integrate OPP. (But only if you’re down with that. sorry, dad joke)

I’m talking about Other People’s Perceptions of you.

Especially with status-related and social subliminals, some of the INFP traits may create a blind-spot for you. This means that you may be having particular impacts on others, but be oblivious to that fact. We tend not to check. I think with men more so than with women. The average INFP man in the US probably has gotten pretty good at being numb to certain aspects of interpersonal dynamics. It’s a decent survival strategy, I think. But comes with a cost.

Not checking. It’s a flaw, yes. But it’s not a Fatal Flaw. It’s not that hard to check. Although, it may be embarrassing or scary.

How are people responding to me?

What strategies or means might you have for getting that kind of info? Just your own (highly subjective) point of view is not going to do the trick this time.

Another example of the INFP blind spot is with something like creative writing. When you write, you’re going to pursue this really personalized inner ideal. That’s great because it can give rise to really unique expressions and can motivate you to reach a high standard. On the other hand, that standard is constantly ‘moving the goal posts’. You may create something that is incredible and you’ll say, ‘yeah, but…’ because your internal standard has already moved on to some other aesthetic ideal.

Again, not a fatal flaw. The antidote is to put your writing or your creation out there for others to experience, and to see how they respond to it. Often in doing so, you’ll realize just how much you have already grown without ever having acknowledged it.

Hm… well, I don’t know how much these points actually apply to you. But that’s how discussion forums seem to work much of the time. So, let me know if it’s relevant or not, and I’ll adjust it.


If you’re getting results, you’re getting the programming. Dreams are just an indicator.


Manifestation Modules

Out of curiosity I decided to categories all modules related to manifestation.

Name Notes
Yggrdasil All-purpose, open up manifestation pathways and power
Jupiter All-purpose, increase manifestation consciousness/power
Omnidimensional All-purpose, manifest from many angles
Current Invoker All-purpose, is polymorphic and shifts one into a timeline/reality where there is more and more of what’s desired
Tyrant All-purpose, increase power and speed of manifestation at normal/sub/super conscious lines (what is super conscious?)
Spiritual Abundance Spiritual, manifest a great spiritual adventure
Dominion Social, manifestation that’s particularly geared around authority/status.
Gorgeous Manifestor Social, manifest specific people
Sexual Manifestation Social, name says it all.
Debt Annihilator Wealth, manifest money and an easier time dealing with debt.
Financial Success Reality Shifter Wealth, manifest a financially successful life.
Sultan Wealth, manifest money
Inner Circle Q Core Social, all about social manifestation
Mind’s Eye Q Core All-purpose, polymorphic. THE manifestation sub everyone knows about.



If i took the Emperor Core then added trailblazer and spotlight could that create a stark version of emperor


Wow, I just realized that it would be possible for someone to put every single manifestation module in the Q store in a single sub, based off the table I gave above. Whether the modules together are good in a single custom is a separate discussion. Still, it’s an interesting thought.


Could add limitless as well,

– mentor manifestation,

and maybe…

lead you to necessary material to learn from.


The aim of The Forge is to manifest situations that will test you, challenge you, teach you things and evolve you.

You manifest an intense aura of craving that makes people crave you and your presence. Be cognizant of side effects.


No sultan?


Yes, Sultan would be a sub too. Didn’t show up on my radar initially. That makes another one!


If you guys were going to make a Bruce Wayne sub what would you include?


Survival Instinct
PCC or manipulus
God Like Masculinity
IQ Booster
Leader of Men
Alpha of Alpha
Negativity Transmuter
Negativity Displacer
Grow through Pain
Limit Destroyer


Add all these together and we now have GoddardQ :smiley:


I would probably add in a few like these too lol.

Invincible Presence
Intensity Aura
Serum X


yes, agreed! Good call on all those.
Mine was an off the dome quick one


I might even add Stark in that just bc the charisma he has and while batman his super hero persona is very go at it alone, wayne is more a social businessman, also he has a genuis intellect, and he thinks of the plans for his gadgets while giving them to lucius to develop or someone else. Bruce also has the celebrity appeal to him and he uses it quite well to his advantage when needed.


@Floridianninja - play BruceWayne custom in the day and Batman custom in the night. There should be a No Sleep Module too lol


Please, correct me if I’m mistaken since I don’t have much experience in using Club’s subs but it seems to me the less loops you listen too the better provided it gives you desired results with no reconciliation. Or one should find the maximum number of loops which gives desired results with no reconciliation?


In the beginning less tends to be more,
I could do one loop of Emperor Q anything more was undesirable.
After time I got to 8 loops to highest effect, then with stacking it of course gets lowered.
It is not that you get a tolerance or anything, it’s just as you get more assimilated you can increase the exposure to increase the effect with less reconciliation.


This, as it is phrased, is a little bit of a trick question. Because this is not really a question of ‘less works better’ or ‘more works better’. It’s more like ‘whatever works’ works better.

In other words, if the question you posed were a math question, the entire answer would rest on determining the number value of ‘gives desired results’.

The entire art of deciding on the ideal number of loops requires estimating how many loops will contribute to your results without giving rise to disruptive reconciliation.

Half of the product upgrades you’ll see here at Sub Club are the result of the creators trying to make the subliminal process work more efficiently. (The definition of efficiency can be expressed as greatest amount of output with the least amount of input.)

When you read the various guidelines for recommended loops (you can find them if you search around the forum for posts from Saint or Fire), they’re intended to offer a baseline from which you can maximize results while minimizing disruption.


I see it as an adaptation, the same way you build muscle in the gym. The body and brain (overall every living organism) loves homeostasis, when it doesn’t have to change.

After X amount of time, you’ll have to change the stimulus. Of course, it is not exactly like the gym, because one beliefs that your brain has doesn’t necessarily change how much calories you burn and isn’t a nuisance to your survival. And also, we don’t really know the timeframe you have to switch up your stack or amount of loop to adapt the stimulus to your mind’s adaptation.

“I got laid four weeks in a row, haven’t got laid this week” isn’t a accurate measure of the results of your perfect seduction stack. Why? Because there are more factors that just the sub! Maybe you don’t feel like it, maybe life events or circonstance (this is huge) didn’t aligned for it. Maybe also you just stayed home…

There is a lot more than just “less is best” :wink: