Main Discussion Thread: Seductress for Women


I disagree about Daredevil being unisex, just look at the description:

“The flamboyant, extroverted playboy that dazzles and brings fun wherever he goes. The man that goes out and enjoys his life to the fullest, while at the same time magnetically attracting women towards him.

The guy that loves life…”.


@Dmitry Perhaps i am wrong :slight_smile:


This has been asked on the DD thread. Let’s not derail this one.


@Simon - what in your opinion is the male equivalent of The Seductress? Is it Khan/Emperor + (the coming) Emperor Fitness. The physical changes in The Seductress sub for women is very intriguing.


Maybe something similar to Sex & Seduction’s Fat Burner module? I’m not sure if it’s really possible to have a sub to make a woman’s breasts grow bigger. Else, there should be a sub to make my dick as big as a pornstar’s (which I am inclined to buy if it’s really possible).


@d1gz - the following is from the Seductress sales page :

"Seductress aims to provide exhaustive physical improvements, and based upon feedback provided by our female customers, the program includes the following scripting:

  • Perfect body proportions (based on what YOU consider your ideal body type)
    • Shaping of waist, breasts, stomach and buttocks
  • Long, luxurious hair
  • Clear skin and healthy nails
  • Firm skin and reduction of cellulite
  • Self-care improvement
    • Improving make up application
    • Discovering your ideal make up look
    • Enhanced skin routines
    • Balanced hygiene"

Now imagine the male equivalent for that. Including male enhancement




Will this make me an alpha female? Can this make me more consistent in whatever i do? become successful in whatever i do? i don’t know? lol i just want to be more successful with friendships, love, school, career, take care of myself etc. And will this make all of my goals a reality and eb more dedicated and hardworking?


Are there any ladies currently using this ?


im using it


Another thing? will this make me more intelligent?


It will help, but you still have to take action toward those goals. As long as you do, you’ll see a “steamroll” effect occur and notice things progressing at a phenomenal rate.

Subliminals can only influence, they don’t “make” things happen. By working toward your goals, you open pathways to manifestation, and that’s where the subliminals do its magic.


It’s coming :wink:


@SaintSovereign - I knew it! Thank you


is this like an alpha female type of subliminal?


Primal Seduction.

We’re fortunate that PS was the last of its kind - a product whose module list was shared. :smile:
In there, are:

  • Spartan LITE
  • Centurion
  • Impeccable Style

So, ideal physique/appearance was an intention for PS too.

The “physical changes” is a new development with Emperor v4 being the only one to have it yet.

PS is an old product though, and an update is expected before Valentine’s 2020.

Only difference in Seductress compared to PS is becoming “insanely popular within any social circle”.
This also seems to be in Ev4, but we already had access to it with SocialKing/TrueSocial and Daredevil.


Yes, it contains the full script of Ascension for Women.


@Simon - a perfect answer as always. Thanks, man


What does it mean when you say it contains the full script of asenscion? does it mean it has all of the affirmations of ascension?


Yes, exactly.