Main Discussion Thread: Seductress for Women


No Simon physical changes are not a new developmwnt in V4. There were users who were experiencing physical changes with V1 of emperor.


So, did this sub replace Monarch? Our is that in the works?


It’s in the works. We just received more requests for a product like this than Monarch.


To all the ladies how is Seductress treatimg you ?.


i’m enjoying it so far!


I am a woman and I found it very interesting this combo effects, but I don’t want to attract men to have relationships, I want to attract other women for this.

Can I use it without fear of attracting men?


Seductress is going to increase your overall attractiveness – there’s no way to stop men from becoming attracted to you using a subliminal. However, it’ll also make you more attractive to women also.


Nice. Thanks for that.

Well, I have a more general doubt. I never used subliminals. I was looking for something trustable and the Universe brought me here. I read the free ebook and im reading some topics here but i’m a little intrigued:

How to know i’ve reached the full potencial with one sub? I mean, how to know the moment to stop using it and be sure that the effects are permanent? Is there an average time between usurers related to this? I didn’t find any information about it.

I’m asking this because i believe the if we are using something to accomplish the True Power, at some point, we wont need it anymore…


This is such a deep question that I’m sure there will be many opinions and responses.

I can think of two indicators immediately:

  1. You have definitively reached the goal or desired state that first inspired you to play the subliminal program.

  2. Progress in the area of your life affected by the program has become smooth, effortless, and intentional, without playing the subliminal. You feel able to potently and effectively create and perform.

Those would both be indicators that you have internalized the point of view that the subliminal was teaching you. The second is more profound than the first.


I’m not sure if this is actually true. Society / life is ALWAYS going to influence you, even after the results become locked in. It’s like going to the gym and being healthy. You’ll always have to do some kind of exercise / maintenance in order to sustain your results. You may not need to go as hard as you did when you first started, but SOME kind of exercise is required. Same thing with subliminals. Some of us go hard, ALL the time – like myself. I’m hitting subs up all day, everyday and have done so for years. But, every now and again, I take a little break and let my mind rest.

It’s up to you and your needs.


So will this help a woman with sleeping better and making financial choices better and working on herself more and bettering herself?

asking for a friend of mine who is going through a lot and has problems sleeping because of exes