Main Discussion Thread: Seductress for Women


I have to say i believe Im an empath which got me into serious trouble. It funny its been a year since my ex spoke to me. Now Im interested in someone else he has come back. I dont trust him. I nearly lost my job and home coz of my ex, however, luck seems to be on my side as i have managed to keep both. Like the song "the only way is up babe’ is my motto of the day.

Im looking forward to seeing how this works. I did one from mindpro labs for a couple of months. I had some effect but not how i hoped. So far i have listened to the ultrasonic version for 2 nights using my phone being beside me on the bed. During the day i listen to the other track using earphones. Well hopefully when i get to see the guy i like things will be greatly improved :crossed_fingers:


Exes are old news for a reason. Never forget that. People tend to cycle around for different things. Sometimes validation that they still “matter” to you, sometimes boredom, nostalgia, you name it. You control what affect they have on you. I’m glad you’re sticking to your resolve.

And don’t just limit yourself to the one person you liked before the sub. You can open endless opportunity and infinite possibilities.


Love the music. Thank you mnemosyne. I will be 54 in September and i have to say im finding myself fancying guys that are between 35 and 45 lol.

I read the threads you sent through. I did wonder if legacy would be better than spartan? I want to tone up but not interested in lifting heavy weights/bodybuilding. I have noticed that people put a name of subliminal x 2 loop followed by other subliminals - does this mean they play that particular subliminal through twice before going on to the next? Wouldnt playing say 2 subliminals (one after another) on a loop work? Sorry to ask a lot of questions but want to get it right this time :slight_smile:


Yes people tend to stack the same sub if they’re going to run more than one together. So sub a x2 then sub b x2 and so on. Some split them out during the day. Some put moments of silence in between. It really all depends on what works best for you.

When I was running 3 different subs I would do 2x of each one after the other. I had a separate sub I would run in the evenings x2 as well. Now that I have a more simplified stack for the moment I can just run the one however many times I like and Aegis if I’ve been out of my apartment.

You’ll be happy to know that I think Seductress has some body bonuses in it. Maybe work out and see if it feels any better/you get more results?

Otherwise emperor fitness is one that I bought to help with that but I haven’t added it back in after my custom. Want to let it work on its own first.


Well its been what 2 days since I purchased Seductress and last night I felt really gobsmacked. A guy who i have only met twice turned up on my doorstep to say he wanted to share a cider with me. 3 sheets to the wind gone he was so thought best get him inside. No sooner inside he declared he fancied me and said he wanted to do things to me. Me thinks booze talking. He says he wouldn’t mind a bath off he goes. I ring my neighbour who this guy is friends with to come and take care of him. Half hour later neighbour comes back to apologise for handing out my address. The ending is i have 2 guys (1 is 61, 1 is 31 and me 53) saying that they both fancy me in the same night??? My friends are wetting themselves but they dont know im doing seductress - question can it work that quick??? Its made me smile :innocent:


Subs’re a bit like taxis. How long they take to get to the destination partly depends on where you were when they picked you up. Sounds like you might’ve been part way there already.


Where are your friends located? asking for my friend :rofl:


I dont think my friends are into that lol.

Malkuth you might be right. One of my married female friends thinks I give off the wrong impression by caring from the start. Say like you said something about your mum. The next time i would see you i would ask but to my mind thats what friends do. At a bbq Wednesday evening one guy said he liked my Essex accent lol. I seem to attract the bad boys :rofl:


Ah I’d be careful there. Too open and you seem like an easy mark to a predator. Too closed and persistent pests see a challenge. It’s a semi-fine line we walk.

Looks like you were on your way already with the other one, so yay. Keep listening and see what other changes may come.


Ah mnemosyne that is very true about walking the fine line. I live in a little cul de sac of flats. One lady is already miffed with me. I think she thought she was queen bee. In comes me usual cheerful helpful self and upset the apple cart. I understand we all have our insecurities god knows i have mine but throwing a strop in front of people you are trying to impress doesnt work. Nor did i rise to the bait. Did download legacy to see if that along with seductress will get me exercising again. Managed 46 out of 57 days then got ill.

Listening to seductress ultrasonic at night. Last night was weird dreams and waking up quite a bit but put it down to the subliminal is beginning to work. Looking forward to see what happens for the rest of this week. Must admit i havent been tearful since listening to it :slight_smile:


Last night i bought a tv with a dvd player for 2nd bedroom as fed up with using laptop. Well it seems as if Legacy and Seductress have actually kicked in or having bought the tv :thinking:. This morning alarm went off at 7, fed the cat as she was moaning, put gym gear on, went into 2nd bedroom, put lift and shred on and did 30 mins with out stopping. Its been nearly 6 weeks since i had incentive to exercise. Really chuffed. Might even do no more trouble zones this evening if i feel like it :roll_eyes::crossed_fingers:


This morning i got up, did my Lift and Shred. At 7am in the morning. It was like i needed to do it and i hadnt listened to Legacy either!! But am I stiff as a board for not exercising for 6 weeks :rofl:
Now with Seductress, I’m listening to the ultrasonic at night thru a speaker and the masked during the day thru earphones. Everyone seems really chatty with me. My male friends seem to have notice the changes exercising has done. The discussions on sex seems to be coming up quite a bit to which i carefully banter off to a certain degree. I’ve started to wear mascara and lipstick. Dont really care for foundation and that. My sense of humour is through the roof - seem to have everyone in stitches without trying. Im looking forward to seeing what else happens :slight_smile:


Very interesting. I am hoping the male version of The Seductress works like that for me. Have you been humorous even before running The Seductress?


Hmmm… I didn’t see any change this way but I already used humor to deflect/distract and entertain before. Maybe people are more receptive to it with the addition?


It’s worth mentioning that physically attractive people are seen as being more charming and funny by others. It’s a cognitive bias. So it may be in fact that people are reacting more to the same level of humour because your attractiveness has gone up


I think my sense of humour comes out when I dont think too much. I do sometimes just say out loud what I’m thinking and other times I try to think before I speak and then it doesn’t seem so funny.
Yesterday I went with a neighbour shopping but it was via a pub or 2. One of my neighbour’s friends asked if we were dating as i went out of earshot. As we left the pub and the guy said goodbye I told him if he wanted to know anything about me he should ask me. Think he was taken back and acted like he hadn’t asked the question. At the 2nd pub my neighbour’s friends (a different set of friends) were curious about me which i dealt with gently banter. Thanked people for their compliments and quickly left.
Seductress i think also gives you the confidence to assertive when you need it without being rude. I have certainly been firm with 1 or 2 people during the day.
I need to be take more care about my skin ie using lotions. Maybe its because i know via the description this can happen or because of listening to it. :thinking: Just have to wait and see what happens in a month’s time :slight_smile:


Ah skincare… my obsession. Even though being blessed with melanin and semi oily skin means wrinkles are a thing for far future me to worry about. Prevention is great.

R/skincareaddiction is good or r/asianbeauty on reddit if you don’t already have a routine you like.

Caroline Hirons is around your age, but people either love or hate her methods. She has some interesting skincare info.

For tools, if interested, you could use : simple Gua sha (jade, quartz, other materials. I have, don’t use) to Kansa wand (brass, comes with some aryuvedic oils)

Otherwise you can get into the electrostim tools:

  • ZIIP (Have, used before, lazy with my tool skin care, don’t really need, can feel the tingles working)
  • Nuface (for deeper wrinkles / lifting, don’t have, don’t need yet)
  • Refa (Like a gua sha on steroids, want bc it’s pretty)
  • Jenu (helps products sink in, I have this but I’m lazy so I never use)

All but refa reviewed here. I also at one point used her recipe for Leo oil (she sells it too):

You can find them all online but I can get them from my local spa.

If you want to go prescription there’s a lot of startups like apostrophe, dear brightly, musely, etc that can give you prescription retinoids + things for hyperpigmentation (which is my most annoying skin woe)/melasma/sun spots.

I don’t use much beyond a version of retin a for skin turnover a non hydroquinone spot cream in case a blemish shows up and gentle cleansers /moisturizers from La Roche Posay, Biologique Recherche, MBR, and Stratia.

Plus SK-II or similar facial essence like Neogen and Corsrx snail mucin (see r/asianbeauty for these). All my other things (toners/exfoliating/serums/masks) get used on days off from the retinoid or not at all.

Still have a bunch of things that I’ll use up eventually, but happier with the simple wash + treat + moisturize (spf in am of course) routine.


LOL. He cant deceive someone running The Seductress :smiling_imp:


Started Seductress on 25 Jun, bought legacy about 2 days later. I think I must be resisting exercising so bought Beast Unleashed on 8 July in the hope that i get my mojo back lol - i play seductress masked, legacy and beast within on repeat. Is it stick with them coz Im resisting? I suppose its daft to ask how long resistance last :thinking:


It hasn’t been all that long. You can give it some time. A lot of it is forcing yourself through the workout resistance. You feel much better once you start and keep consistent.

I still would rather chill in the morning, but the workouts happen because action makes things flow faster with subs (and in general).