Main Discussion Thread: Seductress for Women


Thanks mnemosyne. I think i will set an alarm on my phone to exercise to see if that works. I did 46 days out of 56 exercising during lockdown. Now i just dont seem to have the energy or inclination. Maybe try to workout every other day for 30 mins to start with. I managed to change my body shape to a certain degree. On the one hand dont want to lose the changes that happened but i was doing an hour every day - the drive then was to to keep calm coz of having a negative person in my flat for a while. I dont understand how i can want something so much but just cant be asked. :pensive::thinking:


Actually told a friend to b*****k me if i didnt exercise today. After our call i actually used Beast Unleashed to get through the workout. Did 20 mins. Hopefully its the start of my exercise routine getting back on track :slight_smile:


I’ve done 30 days/nights with Seductress. I seem to be getting compliments from guys i just met. Its nice but also not quite sure how to handle some of the comments. I wonder if any of the other subs would enhance Seductress? Auras and libertine come to mind lol


What comments can’t you handle?


I have read some of your comments on here. Its all to do with being south of the belt buckle :flushed:
I do like some things to be left to the imagination. Not all guys are er mmm handsome


Ignore and move on and choose which ones you want…:stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:


Oh i have.

I have one person in mind just think i have to turn up the sex/seduction up a notch or 2. There is a 15 yr age gap :joy:


Add libertine and see the fun …lol


Thats what i thought. Us cougars have to show you younger guys what we are made of :kissing_heart:


Lucky you from another country…:stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes::stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:


Im from the UK - you?


South Africa


Just read that sex mastery is unisex mmm interesting idea


Try libertine with that…


Is this one out? I would be really interested in this. I saw it on the custom sub part but its just too expensive and i can’t afford it and was curious if there is a normal sub for this.


Yes seductress is in the regular store.


:smile: :hugs:

@JKL was asking about “the male equivalent for that, including male enhancement” as mentioned in Post #33.

No, that one’s not released yet. :slight_smile:


Thank you for replying for me, yes i was asking for the male equivalent. Are there any plans to release it? Or is it never coming out?


The male version is coming. We want to test our new “physical changes” scripting first.


Oh can’t wait! Thank you, have an amazing day ^^