Main Discussion Thread: Seductress for Women


Grr, what could possibly be different from the Q modules already released :slight_smile: I was planning to get a custom with the physical change modules soon too…


Bracing myself for another tsunami of indecisiveness, soul searching, reconciliation I refuse to acknowledge as such, goal evaluation and sub planning, only let go of nothing and put more in my stack.


Ah I got confused because they mentioned it was in custom already. My bad for reading in between meetings. :rofl:


Does Seductress include Sex Mastery?


Is your girlfriend that bad in bed? lmao


Italians don’t need Sex Mastery. :face_with_hand_over_mouth:


@Simon, @friday, ya’ll never leave me alone do you, haha!

Especially Italian Scorpio’s lol we have 100% sexual compatibility but then again we are governed by extremes

So, never good enough :smiley:, the lack of growth bores us we love to reach new heights continually.

Anyhow no need to justify, I need to get her Seductress and I have to know whether it includes Sex Mastery or not because otherwise I’d listen to it with her during sleep but I actually do not really want to listen to another program, I’d rather have her listen to it.

With Jupiter in Gemini, I have a natural tendency to learn languages, of course, I forgot to add the linguistic module in my Quantum Limitless Custom but for the sake of it – how long do you guys think it takes me to speak Italian fluently? (I love challenges).


Yes, I think so.