Main Discussion Thread - True Social (Supercharger)


… Limitless, I guess? :wink:


i was hoping he meant emperor lol


Ahhhh Fire tellme its an addon for Emperor !!!


Emperor v3 - New Dawn.

Now with:
Emperor Aura,
Supreme Rebirth,
Spartan LITE,
Daredevil LITE,
Primal Seduction LITE,
Ultimate Artist LITE, and
Power NATURALS - Instant Action (Classified)
Limit Destroyer Ultimate


New Roadmap Thread (May 2019)

Hopefully it’s something related to being wealthy like Mogul, Ascended Mogul or Emperor. I feel that recently there has been more focus on social and sexual attraction subs than wealth creation.


I believe it will be a status enhancer for emperor let’s pray it is.


Emperor is a huge sub with countless modules. I think, if it will be some kind of enhancer, it will somehow enhance of all the modules. “Status enhancer” is too specific, I think. But we’ll see.


I don’t know if you are serious or just joking, but I think those additions would make Emperor way too dense.


When will it be released?


A Buddhist goes to a hot dog and the vendor asks him “Hey buddy what can I make ya?”.
“Make me one with everything” replies the Buddhist.

That reflects what subliminal I want.


“The vendor makes him the hot dog. The Buddhist hands him $20 and asks for change. The vendor replies ‘Change must come from within.’”

Sorry, couldn’t resist :joy: One of my fave jokes


@Pak I pray to the universe that you are right.

“Universe I welcome with open arms an enhancer for Emperor”


:laughing: :laughing: :laughing:


What’s going on? What are the developments?


Bad news everyone – we gotta cancel True Social temporarily. We’re giving refunds to everyone that pre-ordered within the next hour.

The voice actress has completely vanished and won’t respond to anything. We offered more money, we offered a contract guaranteeing work. Just… nothing. We’re hearing from other people that she’s vanished for them also. If she comes back, we may be able to work something out – but I’m actually worried about her mental health, as she seemed to be responding weird prior to her vacation.

I tried to hold off long enough because I REALLY wanted you all to see what we did with this, but it’s unfair to keep people’s money held up with no news. In the mean time, we’re going to try and find a new voice performer (EDIT: a couple of them that we can rotate, actually).

Refunds can take 3-8 days to process (usually on the shorter end).


Could we help in any way?

What qualification does the voice actor/actress need? Only female?

Do you maybe have a sample text (not True Social, just something for your consideration) one could speak, record for an application?


A bonus for this bad news would be good. :stuck_out_tongue:


Good idea :smile:


Saint and Fire can’t help that the voice actress just vanished. So in this case it’s inappropriate to ask for a bonus imo. I believe they posted earlier that they wanted to add a sort of bonus because of the delay though.


Completely agree! Gentlemen, a supercharger isn’t a magical pill to solve everything. Start working on your conscious thoughts about want you really want and then relay on your unconscious mind to help solve it. If you don’t want to waste time, start using Daredevil.
My 2 cents.