Main Discussion Thread - True Social (Supercharger)


do you think the order you are going to listen has an impact?


@Rising i dont know but i listen to it right after emperor.


I mean do you think there is an impact if you listen libertine first and then true social or visa versa?


I dont think there is.


Well, you can’t have 2 auras at the same time, methinks. So whichever one you listen to last will be your dominant state, even though both have an effect on you.


Tonight i ran 3 loops of true social amd 3 loops of libertine. Before heading out as soon as i walked in women were staring at me. One girl with hwr boyfriend got jealous. She began rubbing the back of her boyfriend to calm him down.

I sat down on an empty table of and waved my hand to thw waitress. She came over “can you please clean this table” she came over and was giggling and touched me on the shoulder. She then cleared.the table. Then began chatting to me. I ordered drinks sat back and relaxed.

I turned to a girl on the next table and began tqlking to her. As we talked she said

Girl “you have a nice energy we should hang out sometime”

Me: “sure type your number into my phone”

Girl “i cannot give you my number”

Me “lets go and grab a drink somewhere else”

Girl “i cant because i am meeting my friend here”

I was baffles by jer responses she is saying she wants to hangout with me but says she cannot.

Wierd ???.

Did some more rappoet with her but still she kept saying i cant come with you. Yet she is telling me she wants to hangout ??.

I left later and went day gaming got a couple of numbers :slight_smile:


@SaintSovereign Have you guys considered offering Superchargers without the ultrasonic? It’d be cool to have that option.


Yes, we have. We have domains registered for that type of product, just aren’t able to do the research to see if there’s enough demand. We’ll look into it.

Good suggestion, thanks much.


What do u mean by this


He’s asking if we’ve considered just making a straight up hypnosis / guided meditation track without the embedded track.



I saw this in the marketing emails.

With True Social, your conscious and subconscious synchronize to bring up every cool character, person or interaction you have ever witnessed, watched on TV, a movie, or read about…

And those social skills naturally become assimilated into who you use, turbocharged by the power of your subconscious, and you effortlessly because a social networking genius…

This sounds interesting . Can I really be any character I want to be ? What if I want be like Tony Stark or Donald Trump , Blackadder or the Bradley Cooper character from the Limitless movie? Do I take on their qualities and character with true social? How does it work?


I had exactly the same question, especially whether we can consciously direct the traits we want to integrate, for example like listening to the supercharger after watching youtube clips from the person we want to emulate like James Bond and so on.

@SaintSovereign @Fire


It’s an automated process, driven by your conscious thoughts. While you can emulate characters, it’s more likely you’ll discover your own style.


I would never want to emulate the.character James Bond he is an alcoholic and an emotional wreck :slight_smile:


Have you tried emulating anybody yet using True Social?


Funny you brought that up. I saw a documentary once where they theorized that every man has an inner James Bond. They went up to random people and asked them to do a mock audition for a James Bond movie. They were coached a little to close their eyes and imagine themselves in the role. And almost every one of them changed dramatically. Their body language became more masculine, their voice deeper, they talked slower and more deliberate and became this confident, cocky character.

Then again, I’m a Pierce Brosnan/Sean Connery type bond. When he was still a player. Before they made him fall in love with every bond girl because in the 21st century women deserve to be treated with respect and all bad guys should have a heart. When it comes to movies, I really miss the old days sometimes. They all have to be so morally correct nowadays.

If you’re an alcoholic emotional wreck Bond, you may wish to pick someone different. Most Statham characters, maybe a Diesel or Johnson character? Maybe not Diesel, he fizzled after Furious died out. Unless you want to pretend to be Groot? :slight_smile:

I wonder how the attitude of women would change if they were asked to read for a female Bond…


@King why would I want to emulate someone else ?. That is like telling someone that they are no good as they are so they need to act like someone else.


Been utilizing it when I wake up; gotta say it’s one of the most enjoyable and easy tracks I’ve used for meditation of any kind. And it is easier for me to be social after using it.


Hey can you message or write the name of the documentary, something I would love to see.


They making a female 007 actually