Main Discussion Thread - True Social (Supercharger)


One thing that’s not completely clear to me is how much I need to focus on the track while listening to TS. This is the first supercharger where you don’t have to meditate to, in the recording the woman said you could even dance. But does that mean that you don’t even need to focus a little bit on what is said during the track? Could you for example read book while listening, without consciously registering the instructions?


Same thing confuses me. Part of the guided script is its visualization. So you can be active, so long as you can still visualize and follow along. Otherwise, what’s the point of the guided part? Your subconscious will still mull over the questions, but the directed intent to create the aura would not happen. And likely neither would the feeling of elation that comes with the visualization.

The most activity I can manage is to listen to it while walking somewhere. It’ll be like walking while daydreaming, being lost in my thoughts. Maybe with practice I will get better at dividing my attention.

I guess Saint would have to answer this one.


You don’t need to sit down and meditate, since TS is about getting you into a social, relaxed, flowing state of mind. You can move about, dance, do anything to relax your mind and body, while keeping up with the track.

So do what you will (keeping safety in mind), while working with the track.


Yeah, you still need to focus a bit, but you don’t need to “close your eyes and control your breathing” like the others. The first few times you listen, you’ll probably have to take it a bit easy, but eventually, you’ll learn the guided script and will already know what to expect. At that point, it’s like listening to your favorite song while dancing.


Oke, thnx for the clarifcation!


Hi! I just downloaded True Social, just wanted to know if the embedded ultrasonic track is a different mechanism of action than regular subs. Superchargers seems to be “fast acting” to push you in a certain direction compared to traditionnal subs which will make changes over the long run!


Yes. The ultrasonic scripts are so light and focused that they’re easier for the subconscious to run. On the flip side, they don’t have as much permanence as the others because they’re lacking the scripting that makes it happen. Still effective over time, however, since the audible script drives results.


I guess they are good also to implement habits, for example if I want to focus on building a habit of greeting people, remembering their names and engage people more and more, true social would push me to act differently for a certain period of time and change a particular behaviour faster than a regular subliminal!


I know this is an old thread but could you please let me know if “Social King” would be still be available as bonus when purchasing “True Social”.


It surely is.


Cool! Thanks.


Could anybody share with us their results on True Social Ultima, please? It could be a great addition to Emperor if one decided to be more social, or just had to be.


It works. Will write more in Man for Himself since I ran it today.


I’ve run it along Emperor and it does soften the intensity of it and puts you in the right mood to socialize.

Every time I run it I feel more relaxed and in the moment. Deadlines and to-do lists become secondary. I feel like engaging with people and taking my time to know about how they are doing. It also makes me want to enjoy myself, do something fun. It can be anything like just having a drink and enjoy a good book, or go out play some sport with others. So to me the effect is not only social, but also puts me in the mindset of having a good time and enjoy life, even if on my own.

Finally, this might be a coincidence, but my boss tends to be much more talkative when I run this sub. He has even called me just to chat about something that happened to him and that I had nothing to do with. It’s definitely an interesting sub to run and a great addition to Emperor.


Thanks. If you could include the reason you ran it today it would be great.


What if it comes the reactions from ladies? Did you notice any improvement?


Could be, but hard to tell. I haven’t paid attention to that and haven’t gone out either. I’m also working remote due to the pandemic, so the opportunities to interact with women other than my wife are very limited. Having said that, my wife has been more affectionate lately, so it could be True Social at work.


Alright fokes, I have a success story.
I’m going to college for audio engineering and the other day I listened to true social Ultima and a day later I had a vocalist come into the studio to do some recording. As we were walking out, he told me that I made him feel really comfortable doing something he wasn’t ever comfortable doing (recording vocals). A large part of this job is making people feel comfortable so that can preform their best, so that’s good. :smile:
(This was also after just one loop)
@SaintSovereign do you think TS will help with texting & dating apps?


Libertine Ultima is what you are looking for


Going on a hunt with Libertine seems pretty good to me :smiley: