Main Discussion Thread - Ultimate Artist (Available Now!)


I was using limitless and AM for 2 months and I didn’t notice changes regarding learning. However, I expressed more alpha male sense. Beyond limitless, the voice supercharger or the Creativity Unleashed version?
Limitless X version giving you better results?


How were you measuring or observing your potential changes? Even with a subliminal like Limitless, you won’t “notice” anything unless you have a way to compare your pre-Limitless learning ability against your post-Limitless ability.


I took a standardised test results as baseline. Then started limitless and AM with pomodoro technique of study. 10 cycles of 25 minutes/5 days per week after work. I took the same test twice and my results were 5% better, then next month, dropped to 3.5%. Something is going wrong. I don’t know what it is.
PS. People told me that my English went worse lately.


Post a thread in the question and comments section, listing this and your current subliminal stack.

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Would Ultimate Artist be suitable for web and graphic designers?


Yes, very much so. Stack it with Mogul if you’re a freelancer, Limitless if you’re learning something like front-end design.


I was thinking about this today.
Does UA contain the full script of Limitless v1?


It sure does. :wink:



And does Emperor v3 contain the full script of Limitless v2?
Or only a tailored version?

(Asking in this thread for consistency)


Will you be making a 4 stage version for Ultimate Artist?


Boy am I grateful for this subliminal program. Last week I painted what I thought was my best work, and starting another where the style has changed quite a bit. Just awaiting on the financial aspect to kick in.


I’d just started learning copywriting. Right now my main sub is Khan ST4 + 2 loops of limitless, but I’m thinking about switching limitless for Ultimate Artist.

Is there anyone here who’s been using Ultimate Artist (successfully) for copywriting / writing?


I seriously hope they don’t.


Everyone gets their own opinion buddy. I honestly think they should, it will really help everyone that buys it. If you don’t want it, don’t buy it lol.


I have every right to criticize things here. That’s part of the forum’s point. LOL


I never stated you couldn’t lol. I was simply saying we each have our own opinions. You may think that them making multi stage subs from one of their single stage subs is stupid. I think things like Ultimate Artist deserve a multistage sub.

You can criticize all you want. But again if you don’t like it, don’t spend your money on it. No one is forcing you to spend your money on anything.


I agree ultimate artist is a great sub that deserves a multistage sub


I stick what I originally assumed.

Ultimate Limitless should incorporate Ultimate Artist.

Eddie Morra didn’t just get memory, productivity, and the ability to synthesize loads of information.
He lived the Khan lifestyle, and wrote a book too.



any reviews on limitless?