Main Discussion Thread - Ultimate Artist (Available Now!)


I’ve got Ultimate Artist running 24/7 in my studio.


I’ve been running Regeneration for three months with Ultimate Artist running in my studio and stacked with Regeneration at work, but I am going to see what happens with a month of nothing but Ultimate Artist.


I agree that Limitlessness has as an essential component creativity, and an artistic mindset in approaching life.


So I am switched over to only listening to Ultimate Artist, everywhere.

As a side note I have had my full astrology chart done. I am not saying I believe in it or not, but today Saturn goes direct after being retrograde since April, which is supposed to herald for me a period of great positive change.

Seems compelling that last night before I went to bed I made a rather spontaneous decision to switch to just listening to Ultimate Artist after more than three months of mostly listening to Regeneration.


Wondering if there is an Ascension or Ascension Lite module in UA. I am hoping for it as it is the only Sub I am running for the time being.


I’ve brought back UA into my rotation after a couple of months out. I have it running by itself in my office at work, and, depending on the day, get 5 to 8 hours of exposure to it.

My playlist at home is Spartan, Primal and Power Can Corrupt. Likely get 4 to 5 hours of exposure to each per day.

Also running “Commander” through headphones at least once a day.

It appears I am one of very few people running UA. I have been running it more often than not since it dropped last spring and at times it has been the only sub in my playlist.



Phew, for a moment I thought they were doing something to prevent all the bacteria from finding their home in the instruments. I do hope there’s nobody sitting to the right of the person in the lower right corner.


Since this is probably in UA, I just wanted to drop this here, this is after reading the chapter “Scarcity” in influence. This can be applied to any concept, not just creative expression.

A common tactic for writing a book is to say write 1000 pages of a story, and trim it down to say… 250 pages. This triggers the a persons intuition and compels them to search for truth in your fabricated vacuum. This is a good thing, even if I use the term fabricated with a negative/manipulative way.

I want to post a movie that is the polar opposite of this tactic, a terrible movie. It attempts to spell out everything for the viewer and contradicts the style of the previous films.

And a good film. The sheer irony of this speech only adds depth and mystery. Notice the contrast between these two clips. My obsession with Jung would say the group (Earth) is mirrored by Daniels Superego (Air), and the camp scene, Id (Fire), and Daniels words represent his Ego reconciling with it all (Water).


I am sure that UWriQ is an original module. That means it is not in any major sub.


I wouldn’t rule it out imo. If I was to guess how UW would be distinct is the inclusion of limitless and the subsequent manifestation towards “mentors”, and concepts that specifically writing, these do not even have to be directly related to writing as well.

When I used UA I manifested Photography and painting, even though I “dislike” those subjects, but not specific dislike of these said activities, a casualty of conflict I guess. I would assume that photography and painting is not in UA as well.