Main Hype Thread - Emperor Fitness


It was driving me crazy why we didn’t have a separate thread for this Emperor sub. But also I’m looking forward to it as well. Is it covering all aspects of fitness and how so?


I have this feeling that 432 Hz might be incorporated into it. Or another frequency that aids in fitness. Am guessing so because the Commander has it.

Also am hoping Emperor Fitness has something for acquiring an “Alpha Male Body”. I had mentioned it before so will quote myself:

It would also be nice to have a perfect health stage in it. As in Emperor Fitness Stage 1 : Perfect Health. Because good health is the foundation for a good body. And we can build on that for a Masculine or Alpha Body in the rest of the stages like Emperor Fitness Stage 2: Muscular Body, Emperor Fitness Stage 3: Male Enhancement and Emperor Fitness Stage 4: Emperor Fitness Complete.

If they aren’t doing something like this with Emperor Fitness, I would love one of these later.


That would be hard to achieve as everyone will have a different desires on terms of what physical changes they want.

Some might want to look like K-pop stars while others may want to look like Arnold Schwarzenegger. Or some want to look like the Incredible Hulk and some want to look like Bruce Lee.


Not really, because the ‘Quantum’ technology already allows us the input the variables. You manifest the changes with intention, I believe.


Emperor Fitness Lite


@king -if we can have The Seductress to help women to acquire physical changes, am sure we can have one for men too. SaintSovereign had said we would get the male equivalent of Seductress one day. Hoping Emperor Fitness is that or has some similar benefits.


I am still not sure about the concept of Emperor Fitness.

We have Spartan which does exactly what @raphael said about the Alpha Body:
“Spartan will work on every single facet of your body that is malleable to change with you specifically. It will mold to you and your desires, as well as what would be the most effective outcome for you and your needs.” (Salespage of Spartan - Apex Warrior)

There is scripting for healthimproving your basic physical attributes. Your organs, your bones, your skin, your health in general.”, or for specific sports “Your profession and hobby do not matter, Spartan will work alongside you.” & “Bodybuilders, boxers, soldiers, gymnasts and any other.”

So Spartan already works on all our wishes that we mentioned here and in other threads. So why is Fire working on a multistage sub called Emperor Fitness? Of course a multistage always makes it cooler for the user as he is able to fine-tune his desired outcomes but I do not see any real need for that. He could just update Spartan to the new technology Quantumtech.

So there must be something new that made Fire so excited that he is working on a multistage or which only works because it is a multistage


Emperor Fitness is going to be one of the block buster products for 2020. You all asked for this product so the team listened and will deliver !.


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@friday - I wish. I had tried Spartan for a while and even asked SaintSovereign regarding it. It isn’t the same as the Alpha Male Body. It helps you get more fit. More muscular. Doesn’t change many other things.


Exactly…only muscular with physical gym work …loool
So forget about Hollywood movie star good looks people …


Seriously looking foreward to what this sub is all about.


Subliminal’s the beginning of audio steroids.


There was this great analogy that came up a while ago in another thread.

That was about a different question (i.e., comparing the breakdown and healing effects of several similar Healing subs). But if you read between the lines, you can see a deeper point about the differences between a single stage and a multi-stage subliminal. It’s about breadth, depth, and comprehensiveness.

There was another similar point made about comparing Mogul and Ecstasy of Gold:

I take the same point to possibly be applicable to, say, Spartan as compared to Emperor Fitness. But, of course, we’ll see for sure later.


That’s a great analogy!


Looking forward to this one!


@SaintSovereign May we please get a slight teaser? Pretty please!!


Please don’t get Emperor Fitness :laughing:

We’ll been chilling out in our castles with butlers and stuff while you’re still rocking stage 1 of whatever new subliminal has released by then :rofl:

No judgement :slight_smile:


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I’m hoping so :slight_smile:

It’s the only reason I did that comment. I want everyone at the big dinner table in the castle with me!


and you’re planning not to invite me only because I’ll be on stage 1? ouch ::sob: