Main Hype Thread - Emperor Fitness


Maybe this is why I eat more on the days that I don’t listen to Ev4. my “on” days typically involve me eating little to nothing until around pm.


@Simon - do you feel muscle gains with playing Emperor IV?



Suppose you’ve always believed you should change your diet or lose weight and build muscle, but you never actually took the first step or remained consistent with it. Same for exercise.

First and foremost, subliminals will help you to get and stay motivated to take that step. So the likelihood of you eating better, exercising more and changing your diet to something that helps you to lose weight is increased.

Next, the subs trigger your interest in these things. So you find yourself getting interested in a sports activity like martial arts or running or weightlifting, locating gyms in your neighborhood, learning more about healthy eating and living, watching documentaries about it.

Likewise, the subs make you lose interest in the “bad” stuff, so you begin to ignore snacks and other foodstuff that is bad for you, and spend less time sitting on the couch doing nothing when you might as well take a walk or move around doing something, even if you’re walking on the spot while watching TV.

Finally, and this has been testified to but may or may not work as well for everybody, the subs tell your subconscious to optimize the hormonal and chemical balance in your body to help you burn more fat while at least keeping on the muscles. This would help you to see more results faster and shorten your recovery time between exercise. These things then make you happy, resulting in more motivation, which brings us back to item number 1.

And so the cycle goes on and on and your results keep growing.

So subs themselves aren’t telling you to build muscle and burn fat, they simply create the conditions under which it becomes effortless for you to do it yourself. Everybody can be an athlete, our biggest challenge is overcoming ourselves. And THAT is where the subs help.


I did not feel as such, but I was not training either.

My Ev4 experiment was only 20 days, and the intention was to tame New Beginnings.

I did feel the push to get fitter, and performed 3 workouts in the later period.
Lost interest after I changed the subs.


Emperor Fitness, Fitness SUPREME and The Beast Within / Unleashed is now available! Grab em here:

Emperor Fitness:

Fitness SUPREME:

The Beast Within & The Beast Unleashed:



can the beast within be used in tandem with emperor or khan?


Stage 3 seems to be centered around building muscle and does include an aesthetic part! I’ve read the St2 description is centered on endurance and or fat loss, but would stage 3 be useful for only bodybuilding? Let’s say I want to lose fat but at the same time build an aestheric body?

I’d be tempted to stack St1 and 3 together!



I know it isn’t promised to be a miracle cure but am gonna experiment the heck out of it! Am the ideal candidate for it too lol.


@SaintSovereign - one doubt. Since ST3 of Emperor Fitness (Unleasher) has physical shifting technology for ligaments tendons and bones, will this apply to increasing height and increasing penis size? I mean, the possibilities seem endless.

Possible that taking action like adding height increasing exercises and penis exercises to this stage will help in doing so? Also writing down our size goals will help?


@SaintSovereign - and yeah, does this also help with making our face more masculine? As in jaw line, cheek bones and face fat loss? We could combine this with orthotropics practices like mewing


Same question i had for spartan.Would it be ok for my gf to listen to emperor fitness as well or would i have to listen only when im not home with her?Cause this sounds like it would be a really good one for both of us to run if its not only for men since it sounds like it would be a perfect replacement for spartan and muay thai mastery x.


Does it have anti porn scripting?


Since the first three stages seem to have different purposes I expect a lot of people will be either running them side by side or jumping directly to the last stage, no matter the consequences.

I am hereby officially announcing that I am excusing myself from answering any questions regarding the physical shifting and physical changes. The tech behind it is unknown to me so I’m not even going to try and explain it. All yours, bosses!

Do keep in mind that it can take up to 2 years for fascia to shift itself and 7 years for every cell in the body to be renewed (the body renews itself in phases, never all at once). Some processes in the body are slow no matter what. But hey, I may be wrong, like I said I have no idea what the script does. And we are capable of some amazing feats that surprise science.

Stage 1 sounds like it would be an amazing help towards creating a new version of the Dreams supercharger. Deep sleep, recovery and healing. Bring it on.

Most people end with mastery. SubliminalClub starts with mastery, then builds on that. :slight_smile:

All in all it sounds awesome. If only I didn’t overload my stack as it is…
I suppose I could… nah, resist the temptation, self!

Where in a sub about physical fitness would you place it? If defeating a porn addiction is what you want, you should probably focus on other subs.

That said, solid exercise tends to be a good way to stop the need to masturbate, since a good exercise session tends to release pleasure chemicals in the body.

Masturbation does burn a few calories. Not so much as the few hundred calories burned during actual sex, but it all depends on which body parts you engage to get your heart pumping. Let me get out my little book…

Clicking the mouse to find a suitable porn site: 3 calories
The actual handy work: 35 calories
Wiping clean the computer screen: 10 calories
Total: 48 calories

Real sex obviously burns more. Just the preparation alone:
Undoing her bra with one hand: 5 calories
Removing her hips from too-tight jeans with the help of some margarine and a team of firemen: 20 calories
Shaking hands with the firemen as they leave: 5 calories
Total: 30 calories

I know I’m making light of a serious issue, but although there is likely some scripting to promote better use of your energy, other subs would probably do a better job. Your question stands out.


The difference between first and second pack is the addition of superchargers or there is something else i am missing?


You are correct, Supreme = Emperor Fitness + 2 Superchargers and a little bit of love. :slight_smile:




I’ve been running Spartan as part of my stacks siince mid October. I can feel it having an effect on my exercise motivation. I also have been innovating my workout protocols.

I wonder with Emperor Fitness if I could basically just run all four tracks in it as a stack and see benefits, or is it really essential to run each of them by themselves? Also what might accrue from running Emperor Fitness in a stack with Spartan?


Sounds good. What about other benefits like health improvement, muscle growth, mental toughness…?


Honestly, not sure. I mentioned what I notice. Though obviously I am having muscle growth and fitness improvement, but I attribute that to doing the workouts. I am not sure what effect Spartan might be having on that.

I guess in thinking about it I do notice more control of my eating habits.


With Emperor Fitness, you can mix and match as you please, rather than having to run them in a set order. Of course, running them in order also has it’s benefits, but if you already have a good base, you can play around with the order a bit more.

Spartan comes with that “alpha warrior vibe.” Of course, Emperor Fitness has something similar, but Spartan definitely has more combat / martial arts / fighter programming. Mixing them both would enhance all of the fitness aspects, but also add that “warrior” vibe quite prominently.