Main Hype Thread - Emperor Fitness


You get the superchargers at a $10 discount.


I would prefer simply to have The Beast Within, and forego The Beast Unleashed, I think. I have other audio I want to listen to while working out. It looks like they are only sold as a package? I already have “The Legacy” and have been listening to that.


I have already been running Spartan in stacks for four months.


She shouldn’t run into any problems. We designed it specifically so couples could enjoy it.


Alright,thanks alot.Really looking forward to running this one(^-^)


Can the supercharger be run alone and still be effective?


Yes, all superchargers can have effects when run alone. Just don’t expect them to have the same level of effect as running them with the subliminal.


Can a girl run this? or is it targeting men only?


I know, it sucks when you have to scroll up 5 posts. So exhausting on the index finger. :wink:

I admit, that smile makes me want to work out…


This ironing out extends to all physical disciplines – martial arts, team sports, weightlifting, bodybuilding, endurance sports… No matter the area you want to hone, your skills will become the stuff of legends.

Which sub is stronger for muay thai? Muay thai x or this one? Do you think the benefits will be stronger if i run both? Thanks @SaintSovereign


lmao how did i miss that message? I am blind :joy: Maybe you can make a sub to fix my blindness hahaah

thank you for the response, much appreciated :slight_smile:


also can you tell us how this supercharger is different than legacy? I am kinda in love with legacy


I have no intention of investing in this product right now, as I am in very good shape thanks to emperor. Having said that I am looking foreward to hearing everyone’'s insights


Can the Beast Unleashed be used to energize you and help you focus when you aren’t working out like say at work?


Emperor fitness made me sleepy during the day and very relaxed. I listened 3 times today to ST1.


I’m pretty sure Emperor Fitness is going to have pretty positive reviews from there users. For one reason in particular, the action process for this subliminal is simply going to the gym.

Make a habit of going every day and you’ll see very positive changes in your physique, you’ll understand the power of subliminal’s once and for all.


And THAT is where most people fail. Step 1. :wink:

No such thing as “simply” going to the gym. For most people, having to go over there, spending the next few precious spare hours there, constantly feeling self-conscious and then going home tired to find out their evening is gone is a big step.

Which is why I always recommend people set aside a little space to exercise from or near home. Get a pullup bar and a kettlebell, a yoga mat if you can handle that. Build the habit from there. I know a guy that puts his kettlebell in the bedroom so he’ll hit his foot on it every morning as a reminder to spend 4-20 minutes doing swings. Few things as effective as cardio on an empty stomach.


@DarkPhilosopher you just described the exact concept in a fantastic book I read recently. It’s called Tiny Habits by BJ Fogg. In just a couple weeks I have already ingrained the habit of a quick visualization after starting the coffee brew and daily focused guitar practice.


It’s nice to see a fellow “girevik” on this forum. For me kettlebells are the best strength and conditioning tools bar none.


Beachbody program