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Oh yes, but it’s still easier than going into the fear of building a business.

Anyway a stacking module purely focused on taking action would most probably skyrocket subliminal club results.

Laziness is the killer of many dreams. Disciplined actions are the building blocks of empires.


I’ll check it out, thanks! Right now, between my bedroom and my office I will find a kettlebell, a pullup bar and a water dispenser. I admit I still don’t quite have the habits down since my 2019 has been quite irregular as far as scheduling goes, but it’s helping.

One day I hope to get into the habit of getting up really early to get things done. But my chronotype and habit of actually enjoying my evening tend to interfere with that.

My compliments on the visualization, something I strongly recommend everybody to do in the morning. Pick one of your goals and visualize it for 5 minutes or so. Like SubClub’s superchargers, it helps you to align with what you want in life.

I remember talking to a Russian woman during a wedding a while back and the topic of exercise came up. So I told her I trained with kettlebells and she looked at me and asked me what those were. So I told her “girya” and she got that look of understanding and complemented me. I loved that.

I agree kettlebells are pretty much up there. My watch disagrees of course, especially during the snatches. I think sandbags are also pretty good for some things, since the weight is unevenly distributed.

It’s too bad that as simple as most kettlebell exercise may be, the time it takes for it to become fun to do is quite long, so most people quit. I usually start them out with swings only, combined with compound bodyweight exercises (Convict Conditioning, anyone?). I’ll save the presses and the ever-awesome Get Ups for later.

Well, they do have Body Beast. :slight_smile:

The P90 family remains awesome, even though there are probably better programs by now. Insanity is exactly that, P25 is probably better. I would love to get into Cize, but although my rhythm is excellent, I just can’t seem to get it. TurboFire is nice too.

Many of the BB programs are quite good. It’s just too bad BB is funded by Multi-Level Marketing, which is a very nice way of saying Pyramid Scheme. They try to sell you their stuff at every opportunity.

Usually I try and figure out what people are most into doing and end up getting them hooked on an appropriate YouTube channel with enough variety to keep 'm interested. For those that need social accountability I recommend a site that offers an online community and gamification with a one-time lifetime membership payment. Still better than subscriptions.

Agreed, I wonder what the world would look like if everybody was constantly taking action in their lives. Sure would be very different than it is now. May not be all good.

At least we could finally get rid of the disease that is reality TV. :slight_smile:

Creating a module that pushes the listener is a difficult thing. If the module pushes just a little too hard, the subconscious stops paying attention. If it does it a little bit wrong, it leads to massive reconciliation. But I have no doubt Fire is constantly theorizing on how to actually create a script that can physically move people into action. It would be the holy grail of subliminal technologies.


Has anyone ran this and noticed better sleep yet? I know it has only been a few days lol


Guys, going a bit off-topic here, but I just got an idea…

You ready?

What if you take The Beast Unleashed and Sex Mastery X and give them a very special hug to create their unholy offspring: Sex Mastery Unleashed!

Run it while you’re doing the deed for supernatural endurance and skill (and a few hundred calories burned).

Well? Idea?



Sounds ridiculous to me. We are all grown adults here not little kids at nursery school who need to be hand held. Your asking SC to produce subliminals to micro manage your life which is nonsense. Its very simple get yourself out of the house and down the gym.

Its like some people asking for a module to stop porn. If you really want to stop masturbating
to porn and start experiencing real relationships go out and meet girls. How about as a start to block your favourite porn sites ?. You all know action is everything.

If you continue to make these ridiculous requests you will be on this forum for the next 10 years chasing a chimera. Grow up and stop asking Saint and Fire to micro manage your life.


Um, are you sure you replied to the right post? I fail to connect the dots here.


His reply is linked to post #218.
And it still doesn’t connect. :smile:


Nope, still not connecting the dots. Maybe I need a powerbar, all this exercising has depleted my brain. :slight_smile:

I was more surprised with offering an amazing idea for a new subliminal and having our most enthusiastic member shoot it down within minutes.

runs off to cry in a corner

PS. Those dots can actually connect. I propose a sub to run while having sex and blackadder tells me we shouldn’t expect SC to hold our hands and micro-manage us. The very thought of having Saint and Fire in the bedroom shouting encouraging comments… I’m not ready for that. :smile:

Ooh, wait, the dots are connecting! I say that most people have difficulty going to the gym, blackadder (in an unusual not so cheery self) scolds me for saying that going to the gym isn’t easy. Now I get it. Still, there are kinder ways to say it. Now I feel spanked in all the wrong ways.

Still, I didn’t make any requests in that post, so I may still be wrong. It’s an enigma wrapped in a mystery bathed in a conundrum.


I slept like a baby with this emperor fitness sub ! Long time I did not sleep like that …


My sleep has improved tremendously from using Emperor. I probably should get an Oura ring to track my sleep with so that I can share my progress with you guys. I’d probably get a 99% sleep score.


Ooh, new gadgets…

Holy crap, those things are expensive! Do they also make me coffee in the morning?


I added to my wishlist for this year.


Many people fail because of nutrition not because they are not working out. You can work out 3 times per week and still be fit but eating healthy is the issue


@SaintSovereign Can i get an answer on this question?


I didn’t find that to be an immediate effect from Stage 4, so now I’m stacking 1 & 2. :blush:

For those who wanted a new Sound, the water stream has gone underground in EF2 Masked.
Users who listen while sleeping, should find it a lot more relaxing. :+1:t2:

Emperor Fitness Sound

Personally, I like uniformity in the masked sounds used for my sleep tracks. Varations can wake me up.

Personally, I have always been fine with the standard masking track used, and my only complaint has been a lack of consistency of volume between tracks.


My best guess is that since Weapon X is a different platform compared to eFit and should also be used differently, that you should use them both for maximum effect. eFit throughout the day and MTX shortly before your practice. During your practice, use MTX or Unleashed.


Anybody have any updates on their experiences with EF? I haven’t seen much recently and personally thought this one would rival Khan in popularity :man_shrugging:


I had thought about getting this, but instead, at least for now, I continue to use Spartan. I feel like it could be really useful to combine EmpFit and Spartan.


@HappyHero I didn’t try the subs yet, but the superchargers are bombastic. If I don’t feel working out, I just put on The Best Unleashed and I’m ready to go.