Main Hype Thread - Emperor Fitness


@Tarmicle That is awesome to hear! For now, Emperor has me consistently at the gym but once I get my business cover all my living expenses I would like to get super fit.


Great to hear, bro! If you feel you need an extra push, I recommend you try out the superchargers. For me, they’re working wonders. I’ll let you know about the subs as soon as I include them in my stack :slight_smile:


For me, it’s weird. I switched from a QL/Spartan (I call it “Anima Sana in Corpore Sano” :grin:) +occasional SM2 to Empfit ST1 solo.

Ran it 2-3 weeks at ~ten hours a day. Noticed the sleep was worse than on Spartan, I woke tired and groggy. Several times woke up with drenched shirt like I was sweating all night. For some reason also training motivation went down. If I’m honest I think general energy and motivation also at work went down. Also had a huge craving for sugary food and smoking made me feel gross. Did a short 2-3 days pause and motivation, at least for training, came back. I also slept a bit better but not at Spartan levels and some of the other side effects calmed down.

Decided to lower the listening time and try to do it more during the day than during the night. So only 3-4 (2.5-3 hrs)loops of ultrasonic at night and mixed masked or ultrasonic at work + evening (I would say about 3-4 more hours).
Since I went down with the intensity/listening time and wanted to notice some positive changes, the last week has been Empfit ST4.

Haven’t noticed anything special other than lower levels of the side effects than on ST1 coming back (motivation, sugar cravings, and nightsweats mostly). I’ll keep on chugging and maybe lower amounts even further and try to follow changes over the next month or two.


Question. @SaintSovereign
Beast within, when is the best time to listen to it?


I’ve been listening just before my workout. Beast Unleashed at the end when I’m starting to get tired.


Thanks!!! I listen to beast unleashed throughout my whole hour workout. Emp Q has definitely been improving my workouts and i’m not sore at all the next day and i can see gains already. You must have put a lot of different things in EmpQ.


Hmm,so far emperor fitness has been pretty good for my gym motivation, strength and nutrition.Havent gotten the sleep optimization though.Think my sleep got worse actually since starting it and havent seen the mastery component yet in my gym or kickboxing.Though caught a and cough with phlegm at the beginning of using it but think its unrelated.
The superchargers are great though particularly beast unleashed.It gives me motivation to get through my workouts and not be so tired.Beast within im not so sure about since im not that good at visualizing and it feels about the same as legacy which i was already using.
Theres one thing im curious about though.Since ST3 works on hormones,would it clash for people who are on TRT/HRT where they are taking testosterone or HGH?Or for bodybuilders who are enhanced that are taking sarms/steroids?


Has anyone had success with this sub?


That depends on the 2020 Summer Olympics still happening. :slight_smile:


@SaintSovereign @Fire …can emperor fitness help me grow taller? I’m 23 yo.


That’s not quite what it’s made for…


"The Unleasher has much more to offer however. One of the most powerful technologies of the Unleasher is the physical shifting tech. What this is… Is shifting and growth of ligaments, tendons, bone, in any way you deem fit, and in the safest way possible. Something truly profound.

Keep in mind that this is actual physical change, on a level not done yet. The process will be slow generally, requiring different things dependent on the user, and different time frames. It could be weeks, months, years. This is not a magic cure". …

I asked because I got curious after reading this part in the sales copy.


@SaintSovereign @Fire Like is it theoretically possible with enough stretching of the body???



So I recently bought EF. But with out the super chargers.

Based on the Assumption that Legacy Supercharger will be just as effective to push me through to go hit the gym and push me through the workouts ( for a generally fit body)

Am I wrong with my assumption?


I mean, it might. The Beast Within / Unleashed were specifically made for that. Legacy is a warrior sub.


Why not get the other two for when they go ultima?


Lack of funds


There is an Emperor Fitness Height Inducer in the Q Store,
you could add that to a custom, might be more what your looking for.


Can scripting of EF work to improve general sexual health as well? @Fire


@Mecharc this would depend on what you are looking for. EF does include a rebalancing of hormones, which in turn can improve sexual health.