Main Hype Thread - Emperor Fitness


I’ll want you to invite me to your castle which is even bigger! But I don’t want you to disrupt your own success by looking at another shiny object, bling bling :gem: :gem:


I’ve been listening to Spartan as part of my playlist since late October.

I’ve yet to purchase a multi stage title. I guess I’d have to feel that EF would need to significantly outperform Spartan to want to buy it.


Mercharc did you complete stage 1 ?

I think you like to do 1 week.of each multistage program then buy the next product.

Continue like this and you wint get a party invitation.:rofl::rofl:


Too funny :):joy:


Share some of your results please


Lol — not until after the SubClub Paris retreat :wink:


Are you an Englishman?


Hermit dont be cruel invite mecharc to your dinner we neef a chef :rofl::rofl: only joking mecharc


What’s the ballpark release date for Emperor Fitness?


J’habite en Belgique, Ik ben van België, I am from Belgium. Born & raised in Belgium.

I mainly added Quantum Limitless to improve my English writing, speaking. I would say it’s important for me in the future as I’m looking forward to do public speaking.


The bucket is full, Blackadder! We should stop here before mecharc needs to get regeneration to clear out this filthy behavior of us. @mecharc, just joking around, I have much appreciation for you being here. :slight_smile:


I promise I will not poison the food :innocent::crossed_fingers:

More like request Saint and Fire to make me a "“ASSASSINATION STACK MODULE”


I’ll be having my butler drinking the wine first :joy:

If he drops death to the floor, you better start running, I got Blackadder with the taser gun to put you down :sunglasses:


Don’t think i didn’t already anticipate that along with your next 999 moves.#JustQLThings

Muay Thai Major Program, here i come!!


@mecharc i am glad you are here along with the rest of the community brothers. Always nice to hear your thoughts and ramblings.

Anyway lets not derail this thread :slight_smile:


Trailer for Emperor Fitness

Three smartly dressed men stand chatting amongst one another.

WhiteTiger “i have emperor fitness time to listen”
Black Adder “What stage ?”
WhiteTiger “Stage 4”
Hermit “Remarkable if my hypothesis is correct you will experience a surge in IGF1”
Black Adder “Nooooo”

WhiteTiger begins listening the room falls dark. A blood curtling scream echoes through the darkness. His shirt begins to tear as his muscles start bulging.

WhiteTiger “Fire ahhhh what have yiu done”
Hermit “Remarkable i sense a surge in human growth hormone his inner rage is being unleashed”

Black Adder “Nooooo”

***** Emperor Fitness Coming Soon *****


My impression is that unlike the other multi-stages this might be a branching multi-stage. Starting out with one or two healing/preparation stages, then branching off in different disciplines, like a stage geared towards cardio/endurance, or a stage for strength/resistance, or martial arts/dancing/gymnastics. Would be curious is flexibility/mobility would be an end-stage or a foundation stage.

It would in this case be important to run the foundation stage(s) for a long enough time though, no jumping stages.


Hope it has like fat loss or something as a foundation stage.


I’m guessing it would be in all stages, not as fat loss per se (you don’t want to keep losing fat after a certain point) but rather bringing fat to athletic levels. Still it would be most effective in the branching stages. Cardio could cause fat burn, Resistance would convert fat to muscle.

You would still have to actually exercise though. Even though the percentage of fat per calory burned is highest while sitting on your backside doing nothing (it’s where the whole fat-burning-zone myth comes from), it would take a long time of doing nothing to get where you’ll want to be.


@blackadder. There could be a post credit scene.

Mecharc: I’m gonna buy Emperor fitness