Main Hype Thread - Emperor Fitness


@DarkPhilosopher - am hoping there is a physical healing stage to begin with (ST1). That would be the perfect foundation for building muscle and possibly height and male enhancement. I wouldn’t even mind if height increase wasn’t there right now. And since SaintSovereign did say that male enhancement is something we can look forward to as a male equivalent for The Seductress, I am hopeful. But more than anything, I hope there is something like Perfect Health. I want to be the epitome of good cellular health (especially with regard to my eyes and ears) to be able to enjoy money and women


Fitness Emperor will be the most powerful subliminal to hit the market to date. Imagine physical changes happening within days of using this product. This is the power of Quantum and Project Q technology.


Health is important but look for the physical remedies first. Get in all your nutrients & then enforce it with subliminal’s using the mind to create the optimal health condition.


@Hermit - sometimes there are no physical remedies. Or the physical remedies doesn’t go all the way. I have experienced this myself else I wouldn’t ask for it.


I think if they have a healing part should include healing and creating a bubble for the programming we are bombarded every day since we born to eat candies and unhealthy food overall


Try performance lab vision.


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Hermit has a point, our body uses up so many of the vitamins and minerals in our body just to correct the damage caused by the stuff we eat and drink and to restore the body’s natural Ph-levels that having a steady supply of those is a good thing.

But as somebody that has some issues with his eyes (well, one eye actually) I do know there are few things capable of helping there, and none of them are considered mainstream medical science. Although apparently lab rats and mice do have 20/20 vision nowadays.


People have to understand that mainstream medical science is a business not a institute for actually healing humans. There’s technology out there to heal every ailment ever existed, some of has leaked out and isn’t considered mainstream medical healthcare - but guess what, it’s cheaper & more effective.


Oh great Hermit, He who speaks of miracles but dares not name any of them. :wink:

Ever read the 4-Hour Body by Tim Feriss? What that guy subjects himself too… just wow.


It depends on what he has been struggling with. I know of many and I’ll have to look into my research folder. My mission for the future is to destroy the healthcare industry and renew it with my ideology on health care.

I have not, what is it about? I do know the 4-hour work week, I’m guessing it is from the same guy. I don’t like to concept, you’re not going to achieve your utter most fullest potential by only working 4-hours a week. Which doesn’t mean it’s not a good concept, it just doesn’t fit in my goals for the future. I guess this would work out fine for 99% of the people out there working a 32+ hour week and achieving less…


In the 4-Hour body he explores every “pseudo-science” method to lose body fat and gain muscle. So everything that is out there but not supported by medical science. So for example certain hormone treatments, or eating only meat, or crazy injections (I believe at some point he injects himself with testosterone and describes how wild the effects of excessive testosterone in his body are both for his sex drive and aggression levels). At the end, his body did undergo some drastic changes, faster than the norm.

As for the 4-hour workweek, what I got out of that is to do what you’re best at and leave the rest to people that are best at that. Like for example hire a maid to clean your house once or twice a week so you can focus on other things. Not necessarily working only 4 hours a week. It was a long time ago, maybe I have to read it again.

Back to the healing industry, I’d love to see something that repairs nerves. With glaucoma being so widespread, you would think they’d have something in the works. But nope, only the mice.


Hermit is absolutely correct. Medicine in the US is nothing more than business and brainwashing. It’s illegal for a company to say a natural product heals something, and the FDA sold its authority to major pharmaceuticals some years back. It’s all about money in the US. Even US doctors have moved to Mexico and beyond to practice healing which works without harmful or ineffective drugs or surgeries.

And SC would be slapped heavily for saying such things. They can imply a LOT though. :grin:


That’s interesting. Do keep in mind books like these most often only cover the ‘commercial’ not supported by medical science methods. There are also those of ‘non-commercial’ which most often are kept out of the public media because of how valuable they are, they would definitely destroy the health care industry if they were to become public.


I am often fascinated by the “miraculous” things, like how a Native American guy can cleanse water and live off of it because the water takes on all the nutrients and stuff that he needs, or how people claim that the aging process can be reversed or things like gene expression and stem cells can be activated. Now, I’m inclined to believe the Native American since I have seen and tasted water change based on emotion and vibration, so I know some amazing things are possible with water.

But the people that speak of reversing aging and reprogramming the genes must be hiding from the governments wanting to rendition them to a secret lab somewhere, together with the telepaths and telekinetics. I believe it may be possible, but it’s too far out of my zone.

Reminds me of Nikola Tesla’s free wireless energy.

Anyways, back to Emperor Fitness for me…

I also came across a book of glyphs that were supposedly charged by angelic beings to do all kinds of things. Really don’t know what to think about that…


High doses of Vit. C works to relieve the high pressure. My ex-wife used it for years.


Why should it limit us to cardio OR strength? In a healthy training plan you should do both


Guys i want you all to succeed. In fact those who complete all 4 stages of emperor fitness. Will receive an unofficial subclub graduate PhD diploma endorsed by myself, Hermit, DarkPhilosopher and WhiteTiger :slight_smile: .


I can state this as a fact. I’m working on the same technology and I’m eager to bring it out to the public ones I’ve done tests & documented the results. Actually we’re drinking H2O while we should be drink H3O2, that said my water contain almost all minerals my body needs. It keeps me really hydrated as well.

Glyphs are like symbols, everything to do with magick is about symbols to make an impression upon the subconscious to make a change within the physical. That’s it really…


Within a certain timeline as well. When I’m starting my next four stage subliminal I’m going give myself a graduation date of 1 year, 3 months each stage. Every year I’ll be adding in something else of interest and maintain each stage until I got three stages to maintain within my stack. Most possibly Emperor Fitness, Quantum Limitless & something else, by then subliminal club is possibly already working with a different kind of technology which would allow me to combine all of them within one track.