Main Hype Thread - Emperor Fitness


Correct, but you don’t do both at the same time. They require different qualities in the body. Strength builders usually build up their Creatine to create extra ATP for those extra reps, as well as eating a protein-rich diet that often exceeds their caloric needs (muscle gain requires extra calories in all but very rare cases).

Cardio people tend to take in more water and a more carb-rich diet, which allows the muscles to have more readily available energy and support the blood in transporting said energy to the muscles while transporting the acids away.

Whenever I manage to actually stick with a training regimen, I tend to do one or the other dominantly. So if I focus on strength, I change how and how much I eat, do primarily strength (and yin yoga on the rest-days), and only do cardio in the form of kettlebell exercises in the mornings several times a week.

When I focus on cardio, I also change my diet and you would find me running, dancing or doing high rep martial arts and gymnastics exercises on most days, while barely doing strength building. I’ll wake up and do one set of pushups to the max, and may do a pull up every time I walk past an appropriate door opening just to keep the muscles from atrophying by showing the body I still use them (I do the same while fasting).

When you write a stage that caters to both styles, I can see two things happening. First, it’s less effective than focusing completely on one. Second, people will complain. Bodybuilders will ask why there isn’t a pure strength builder, endurance trainers will complain they don’t need bulky muscles to weigh them down.

On the other hand, having (a) foundation stage(s) followed by several Weapon X type stages that you can run around the time you are targeting their specific area may be very effective.


I Hope Emperor Fitness incorporates

STructurial Integration.
Optimal Breathing Pranayama
Fascial blockage removal.

Now that would be a Sub per excellence


Don’t forget the importance of the Emperor part, right. Fitness is good but the Emperor part just dominate here. Otherwise they might as well just make a fitness subliminal on it’s own.


You are marketing the sub for a completely different audience. For people who SPECIALIZE in certain areas e.g. world-class champions, runners, powerlifters, Olympic athletes or semi-professionals.

Most of the community and potential buyers here are not competing in the fitness industry. They most likely do not

only because they started running twice a week. The purpose of training is completely different for such athletes than for “us”.

We do it for our health, to look good, feel better whatever. Traning cardio AND strength is to way to go then. When you are not training for competition, what gives you the achievement of benching 200lb then if you can’t even go up the stairs without feeling exhausted and breathing for air?

It is called Emperor Fitness for a reason. A trained Emperor is not somebody who is limited by the terms of cardio or strength.

Think bigger so you can see every possibility.
Run faster so you can travel further.
Jump higher so you can move in more dimensions.
Push harder so no obstacle can stand in your way.

The relationship of the mind

@Hermit - will look into Performance Lab Vision. Thank you.

And good luck breaking down the medical industry to create a healing industry :+1:


Just buy Simple and Sinister by
Pavel Tsatsouline and a couple of kettlebells and get to work.


@SaintSovereign - I have this hunch that Emperor Fitness will be announced anytime soon. Any prophecies, @blackadder?


@Fire is building it as I type this. :wink:


aha Emperor Fitness will be available this weekend :slight_smile:


For the first time since Oct 2019, I don’t have the urge to buy a new sub as soon as it comes out. Maybe the reconciliation in me has settled.


Maybe its only because there is no SC Roadmap lined up hyping itself in our brains.
Just EF and Mind’s Eye. (Which are probably not related to your current goals)

So, be careful with that @mecharc.
A couple of announcements or version updates can push us into “gotta try this one out”.
Even worse, positive reviews by 1+ members of ANY product.


Let’s see what happens if I decide to release STARK as a major title. So far, I’m loving this thing.

STARK Thread - team stark now activated

@Simon reconciliation is back


Could you share a little bit on STARK, Saint?
How is it different from Ev4 ± QL? :thinking:


Emperor + Quantum Limitless Core + Daredevil + Primal Seduction: Iron Throne + EoG Core + PCC. Think Tony Stark, lol.


Wow that is crazy lol. Sounds interesting


So @Fire went ahead with what I had asked for in Ev4. :smile:

I had planned to start the Richard Branson stack (Devil’s Gold) before E4 was announced. I was moving to a new place and I’m not ready yet to maximize EOG, so never got around to it. :slight_smile:

Same will be true for STARK. Current E4 is better for me - for now. :+1:


Just great!!!

Just when I thought my mindless sub buying spree was over :unamused:


This would be crazy in the best way possible


I know I’m not maximizing EoG right now either. A lot of internal architecture building going on. Driving my Ferrari uphill in 2nd gear.

Seems to suit me though. (i.e. Slow and gradual build, but not detrimental.) Hope I’m right.