Main Hype Thread - Emperor Fitness


I suggest we allow major users to test Stark before releasing this to the public. How about we make this available to Simon, Myself, WhiteTiger, Raphael and DarkPhilosopher ?.


********** Trailer for Stark **********

Two smartly dressed men sit outside a coffee shop on the hills of montmartre overlooking the city, sipping coffee and stuffing themselves with croissants.

Sovereign “The Pentagon are onto us”
Fire “why”
Sovereign “They want the code for Stark to use on their universal soldier program”

Fire slams his fist on the table

Fire 'Never in a 1000 years"
Sovereign leans back in his chair puffing on his cigar with a knowing smile on his face.

Suddenly a dark shadow fills the air as a swarm of helicopters fly over head. Soldiers begin to parachute down onto montmartre .

Fire : noooooooo !!! the pentagon are here
Sovereign “indeed my dear friend indeed”

****** COMING SOON STARK ******


Universal Soldier = Spartan + Muay Thai Mastery ± Emperor Fitness
(Free tip, Pentagon) :wink:

I won’t be surprised if they start using Spartan Ultrasonic at BUD/S.
Military loves experimenting with anything that can give them an edge.

I’d want @BLACKICE and @Yardbird on the project too.
And @AMASH, he must be done with Honest Reviews of EOG & Alchemist by now.


Bring Blackice and Yardbird onboard both are exceptionally good at documenting their testing.


Simon the biggest challenge will be to get tjw buy in from Sovereign ?. I think it would save him alot of headache if he did not sell to the maases. He might get those selfish customers who demand their money back, get their refund and they get to keep their copy !. SC lose out.


@SaintSovereign, Stark contains Emperor, not Khan. Why?


@Dmitry - must be because SaintSovereign doesn’t use Khan. And also we must remember that they haven’t decided whether to release STARK as a SubClub title yet.


Khan, in general, more advanced than Emperor. That’s why I’m asking “why Emperor, not Khan in custom subliminal”. I’m the only one who is interested? :smile:


@Dmitry - who knows? There could be one with Khan in it called WAYNE


@raphael I see what you did there :wink:


Because it’s Tony Stark, not the Godfather.
Lone wolf sigma male, not so much an alpha leader type.

Did I just create a name for the Khan edition of Stark? :wink:

No. Tony and Bruce are both sigmas.

The main difference - say from the MBTI perspective - is that
Tony Stark is an ENTP, while Bruce Wayne is INTJ.


We couldn’t even get them to create a masked version of PS-IT.
So, trying to tell them what to do with STARK is not a big challenge, it’s Mission Impossible. :smile:

Saint’s business analytics certainly shows that:

Stark is going to take over the subliminal market by storm.
It will be the most powerful subliminal to hit the market to date.
And no competitor is going to be able to come close. EVER.

Whatever they do, I’m pretty sure refunders will not be their main concern.

Saint has generously shared the components already:
Emperor v4 (Emperor + Quantum Limitless Core) +
Social IQ (Daredevil + Primal Seduction: Iron Throne) +
Growth & Protection of Wealth (EoG Core + PCC)

Those who wish to begin, need not wait for Stark to be released. :+1:

Note: If you want to Assemble the Avengers, you’ll need to stack Stark with Inner Circle. :blush:


@Simon - I did think about the sigma male aspect since SaintSovereign does identify mostly with it and that’s why he chose STARK as the name of his customised super subliminal. And yes, Bruce Wayne is also similar in that Sigma male aspect but for some reason he is more Alpha when compared to Tony Stark. Batman leads the Justice League quite well and in the Avengers front, I see Captain America as more Alpha when compared to Tony. So I chose Wayne to go along with the Alpha Khan when compared to Sigma Stark. Especially since STARK Industries has an equivalent in WAYNE Enterprises (that made some intuitive sense since I am an INFJ) .

Anyways, what do you think SaintSovereign and Fire will put in Emperor Fitness? Any educated guesses?


@SaintSovereign please unleash Stark to the selected few.


My best guess is that Emperor Fitness is a Quantum Spartan & Emperor and something more.


EF is the “Everything Fitness” product. That’s all. :slight_smile:

@Fire has designed every multi-stager to allow versatility in it’s domain … to create all-encompassing possibilities.

Khan allows for Every Social Goal Possibility.
Gold allows for Every Wealth Goal Possibility.
Alchemist allows for Every Spiritual Goal Possibility.
Quantum Limitless allows for Every Brain/Learning Goal Possibility.
Emperor Fitness will allow for Every Fitness/Physical Goal Possibility.

What you do with ANY of these products, is completely up to you.

That is why I had said:


I haven’t had a chance to read through this whole thread, but I have been running Spartan since late October and I will be paying attention to see what will be in EF and whether I feel there is a reason to go with it rather than Spartan.

At this point I have only run single track subs. I’ve yet to purchase any of the multi-track titles.


Think of “Emperor Fitness” as a working title for a fitness product, unrelated to the Ev4 subliminal. It doesn’t contain Emperor script.

EF may be designed to hook into Emperor’s codebase, sure; but it’s not any form of Multi-Stage Emperor.


@Simon - that’s a nice sum up of the multi-stages. Am hoping Emperor Fitness has a good chunk for physical health goals. Most probably yes since good health is a pre-requisite foundation for fitness.


Emperor Fitness and Stark are about to rock the subliminal world. Competitors are talking about SC. They both fear and respect subclub and its community.