Main Hype Thread - Emperor Fitness


Emperor Fitness was built from scratch. :wink:
Yes, it has components from other titles, but we started from the ground up.


@SaintSovereign - am super curious about what it has! My gut is saying there will be 432 Hz and Quantum Tech too. My mind is hoping for more of course. And I just know it will be out before February starts since you guys did schedule it to be released in January. So at most only a few days left. And at minimum, a couple of hours :smiley:


My personality is more “Bruce Wayne” than “Tony Stark” right now. I chose this name because Stark’s body of research (quantum physics, AI, robotics) matches my interests. Also, I do want to become less brooding and intense.


@SaintSovereign - ah I see.

PS: I love SubClub 3000


hahahahha – that one gave me a laugh


Thank you, the thought is much appreciated! :slight_smile:

Thank you for the kind words! :slight_smile:




Announcing “The Beast Within,” a supercharger designed to work with Emperor Fitness.


Holy crap! Haven’t followed the convo here, but I’ve been working out like crazy in the past month and a half, followed my diet, got some awsome results, come back here and see this announced haha!

Might get it, haven’t read everything it is doing!


I retract my previous statement.

I’m still in the mindless buying phase :sunglasses:


What made you realize that?
“The Beast Within” or the EF image? :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Is that me on the cover?




I hope that’s not ‘The Beast Within’



Just waiting to attack


Excited :yum:


I’m not really interested in bodybuilding or lifting purely for aesthetics right now. Would EF aid in martial arts training, say Muay Thai, or would it just make me wanna get swole?


Why not use Spartan for that?


@i_am - better to wait until the product is released. It will be anytime soon since Emperor Fitness was promised to be released in January and we only have a day or two left for that (depending on the time zone)

Then, you will be able to make out whether it is for you based on the sales page.

Frankly, am hoping it is more than just another fitness or martial arts subliminal.


@Davisnwc is right. Spartan is ideal for martial arts training.

Still, its cool to wait for the EF salesletter.
I’m positive it won’t be limited to getting swole.
That wouldn’t require a multi-stage program.