Main Hype Thread - Emperor Fitness


Everything is proceeding as planned. Putting the final touches on the Emperor Fitness subliminal itself. The Beast Within and The Beast Unleashed are about 50% done. Spending all night working on them for the release later this week.


@SaintSovereign - @friday 's idea is good. BEYOND LIMITLESS UNLEASHED


How about

“Beyond the Quantum Realm” ?



@mecharc - we will end up going back in time like the Avengers did in Endgame. STUDY WITH ALL THE TIME IN THE WORLD


Well, there is that whole idea that baroque music due to its complexity and rhythm creates a state in the brain optimal for studying. Brainwave companies like Monroe’s also have specialized products for studying. I used to listen to Dennis Kuo’s Study Music Project on YouTube that supposedly was key to helping him get his medical degree. I do believe that brainwave entrainment in this case can help, even though determining the best brainwave frequency may take a little research.

Your biggest challenge would be to create something that doesn’t bore easily. Even though it is definitely good for the subconscious to have the same music while studying every time, the conscious mind can get annoyed by it.

I would love a good dedicated study track.

The key is to leave out the vocals. Just instrumental, no vocals. If you hear singing, you’ll start paying attention to it or try and sing along.

Anyways, back to the Emperor’s New Groove:

I used to use iMusic’s FitDrive (pretty old, but you may still be able to find it on the “usual places”, FitDrive is a pretty specific search term). Company has long since disappeared, but those songs really helped get me in the flow-state for training. They had one for cardio, one for strength and one for recovery. I think I’m gonna see if I can dig them up if I still have them. Did some kind of brainwave entrainment and the music was quite nice. Especially when running (you know how you always run to the beat, well this one had just the right beat).

I hope Unleashed has a similar effect. It would be great to have something using up to date methods. And I assume ultrasonics in the background?


When I was running more, about 7-10 years back(?), I downloaded software that would let me convert BPM of any music. It was very easy. I think I remember that my preferred pace was about 120 or 125 or so. So, I’d take all of my favorite running music, pass it through the software and generate Running Playlists. That was great.


Enya @ 125BPM. :slight_smile:

Not a bad idea, software still around (maybe Audacity has a similar function)?


I just jumped into a rabbit hole. Guess I bought that software in 2009. Don’t remember the name. I know there are newer, shinier apps now that do the same thing, but I was just curious to see if I could find it. That was three computers ago, I think.

I’ll still try later to see if I can somehow find it.

You’re right though. Just checked. Audacity (and other production software) has this functionality nowadays.

(haven’t figured out how to resize pictures on here yet)


There are different components to brainwave entrainment; rhythm (isochronic tones), binaural beats & general frequencies. All of which entrain the brain in different ways. I think most of us understand Binaural Beats and that it entrains the brain to work at a various frequency.

Rhythm is different for every brain. Some people like ambient, while others like classical, while others like electronic. It all depends on how the brain is configured for each person. I personally like up-tempo and classical, depending on the situation.

IF SubliminalClub would implement brainwave technology within their programs I think it would be good to have multiple tracks and use project Q to have each user make a decision on which track complements them the best.

  • Binaural Beats wise, a combination of theta & gamma is best for studying while a combination of high alpha & gamma is best for doing practical tasks.


“I like nothing more in the world than sitting on my ass doing nothing. And it’s not my fault I have this attitude, because I happen to have an amazingly comfortable ass. It may not look like much, but if you could sit on this baby for two minutes, you’d realize that getting off this ass would be a crime against nature.”
― Lori Chapman

Who needs Emperor Fitness anyways, right? :wink:

For those that don’t read emoji, I was obviously kidding. The above quote is actually about meditation.


@DarkPhilosopher - coming soon: Emperor Fat-Ass


Well, it can indeed be comfortable. I used to be overweight (still am a little) and I still remember what it was like when I lost 25kg/55lbs with fasting. Suddenly I felt every hard surface I leaned up against or sat on, without the fat covering my spine and sit-bones. Ouch!

Also, an argument can be made that one burns the most body fat when doing nothing. It’s where the fat-burning-zone story comes from. You burn far less calories in total, but of those calories, a much higher percentage will be body fat as compared to strenuous activity.


@DarkPhilosopher - have been overweight from a young age myself. Although it does cushion the butt, it’s hard on the legs. Am finally able to reduce my weight with One Meal a Day and now with the Keto Diet. Hopefully Emperor Fitness has the Fat Burner module too. And some muscle building ones from Emperor IV. I can do some light exercise at the moment. And I do have a pair of dumb-bells. Gymming isn’t an option for me right now.


Those legs do get quite muscular, even if you don’t see it. But yeah, the joints don’t like it much.

I recently discovered this one:

It’s tough, doing that for two years straight. I can easily fast for weeks without eating a single thing, but intermittent fasting takes some getting used to.

I want to try what she’s doing now, combined with 16/8 intermittent fasting (what most athletes do nowadays).

As for Keto, I really want to get into it, but I am very non-creative when it comes to cooking, plus I like my gluten too much. Add to that the fact that because of my unemployment I opted for the cheaper calories, so lots of rice and bread. So even though I’ve had the perfect opportunity to reach my perfect weight this past year, I mostly kept it stable.

I remember Khan ST2 had this magical muscle recovery. I could train to the max and feel perfectly fine the next day. Something like that is nice too. I’m sure EF will take the fitness parts from all the subs that were successful and build on them.

I can highly recommend at least 1 kettlebell at home. and maybe a pullup bar and resistance bands. The latter are great to make basic exercises harder and things like pullups easier. I’m always scared they will snap though. Probably been snapped too many times with elastic bands when I was younger. :slight_smile:


@DarkPhilosopher - kettlebell and a pullup bar is a good idea.

And yeah, I feel you on the diet. Am lucky I have someone cooking a keto diet for me. Else I would have just stuck with Intermittent Fasting and junk food.


In my case, my main focus is Emperor 4. I want to be more productive and make a lot of money. I’m finding E4 is really helping my productivity.

But, I’m also quite fat and out of condition. I love the idea of EF, but don’t want to stop my E4.

Is it practical to combine these so I’m eating better, getting my workouts in, and then being very productive? Or, would running both too drastically diminish (or delay) the benefits of either?


@Kaprice - am sure you can run both side by side. Emperor IV + Emperor Fitness will make you Emperor in both Mind and Body respectively.


This is also Max Goal


I would temporarily stop using Emperor while you’re building up the stages of Fitness, adding it back in during one of the later stages.

Alternatively I (and others) have noticed that if one of your goals is to live and exercise healthy, even Emperor will help you achieve those goals. It may not be as optimized as Fitness could be, but it will work. So when you determine your goals, just tell yourself that an Emperor requires a fit athletic body and should eat the kinds of food that support the brain, feed the muscles and keep you alert. If you believe that, Emperor will guide you there.

And why shouldn’t you believe it? The most successful people work out regularly and eat healthy, some attribute it to their success. It sucks to run out of juice halfway through a very productive day.

Not that I wish to keep you from getting Fitness, of course. Everybody should buy it! Even if they don’t need it. :slight_smile:


Emperor Fitness will most likely release on Sunday. With the advent of Q, we decided to start migrating from our Mac-based workflow to Windows and Linux. As a result, I had to test and choose a new DAW to produce the superchargers. After trying a number of them, I’ve decided on either Cakewalk or Reaper. Will be trying both over the next few weeks, but I’m creating Beast Within and Unleashed on Cakewalk, which is surprisingly similar to Logic Pro X (at least from a UI / UX perspective).