Main Hype Thread - Emperor Fitness


@SaintSovereign - as a Linux fan, I approve. But yeah, I think you guys are more pragmatic when deciding operating systems. Didn’t expect Linux to be used in this scenario.


Well, MacOS is essentially Linux with a very nice interface on top. :wink:

On the plus side, Macs are excellent for running both Windows and Linux. Very stable. Guess that’s why they cost so much. That, and the pearly white color and half eaten fruit logo.

I’d insert a countdown to Sunday timer, but Saint loves to build anticipation by releasing a little bit later than expected. :slight_smile:


The Beast Within is complete. The Beast Unleashed is about 50% done. It’s a much harder title to create and will probably polarize people, given it’s nature. Remember, it has no audible vocal track – just music and an embedded ultrasonic subliminal designed to take action almost immediately (after a few sessions) to help take your workouts to the next level. The problem comes from the fact that everyone’s music tastes are different. As a result, I opted for an exciting, but relatable “cinematic” sound.

The Beast Within’s runtime is 10:10.


Include an ultrasonic without any kind of sound please and thank you.


No. It’s an active supercharger, not a stack module. There’s more going on behind the scenes than we’re willing to let out yet and the technology is not ready for anyone to try to mix it into their own tracks, since I know that’s what people are going to attempt to do.


Would you mind to elaborate?


@Victor - the reason is:


@victor - and also


Curious to know which that is - and yes that is a problem as people like different music


Cue memories of Gabriel Knight 2, one of the better FMV games I’ve played. May not look like much anymore today, but still…

I miss Sierra and their point-and-click adventures.


Is it Sunday yet?


@mecharc - since it’s still Sunday morning in the USA right now, they still have time to have a Sunday release. Else, most probably SaintSovereign will let us know.


@raphael Struggles from a third world country 13 hours ahead is real


@mecharc - I feel you. Am in the same boat


And yet the impatience that causes one to not want to be even one day late to buy a “luxury” product falls in the category #firstworldproblems :wink:


Unfortunately, @DarkPhilosopher foretold the future. Delayed until tomorrow. We found an error in Unleashed’s script and had to rebuild to scratch. Definitely good for tomorrow tho.


great ! just waiting for it


I am curious as far as how subs can help build muscle and lose fat… I am currently on my diet, lost 3-4 lbs of fat in January and added approximatly the same in muscle, but I still wonder how it would work out!


so am I - but what I can tell from an v4 use so far ( fat burner included ) is the power you feel when hitting the gym. I have lost 8kg from Jan 6th till today - because I feel mentally strong enough not to eat ( when ever it comes like: oh, lets have a cup o coke, or cake, or what so ever ) and physically strong enough to lift weights and do cardio after it. that wasn’t the case before Emperor
So my expectations to EF are quite the way: improve it further and build the body you want


I guess the mechanism is the same that makes the Placebo Effect work. :man_shrugging:t2:
Mind over Muscle. :muscle:t2:

When I stack Ev4, I lose my evening appetite (no dinner required), and drink over 8 litres of water a day (normally its close to 5).
I wasn’t training, nor tracking scales, so don’t know the numbers.