Main Hype Thread - Emperor v4


Rebuilt from the ground up and updated to the latest technologies, this one’s gonna blow everyone away. And of course, if you’ve already purchased Emperor in the past, it’s a free upgrade.

Might be dropping a certain supercharger with a “commanding” vibe alongside it. :wink:

The Commandant - Thread

Yay! I want to get it. Swap it into my current stack for experimenting. Can we expect it within the next 24 hours?


You’re giving them a full 24 hours? How generous! :wink:

I understand of course. Compared to V4, Emperor V3 makes life bleak and meaningless. How could people ever have had successes running it? :slight_smile:


Holy fucking shit! When? Yes


They deserve all the time in the world for a kick-ass product!! Won’t you agree too? 24 hours is rather demanding (that too with out the use of V3)


Can u please elaborate on this?


Supercharger free to those who bought Emperor too? Say yes please?


Will it be free to those who buy it today?


I was joking. In both cases. Which explains the emojis.

You asked if it would appear within 24 hours an hour after the thread was created. Hence the first joke.

As for the second, I still remember those old-school commercials where the producer compared the new product to its previous version and suddenly the previous version was crap compared to the new one, even though at the time (according to its commercial) it was everything you’d ever need.

There will undoubtedly be people running Emperor V3 right now that think it is worthless and outdated now that V4 is coming. Even though it is still a very effective product. They will impatiently ask when V4 is coming because otherwise they are completely stuck and unable to improve any further on V3. They may even get upset if it doesn’t come fast enough.

It reminds me of an old friend of mine. He had a habit of coming home in the middle of the night. One night he came home at 0200 wearing his sunglasses. He walked to the window and stared out to his garden for 10 minutes while all the lights were off. Afterwards he said: “Without sunglasses the world is unremarkable, but when I put them on all the colors become much more vibrant and rich.”

Is Emperor V4 the Emperor’s New Sunglasses?

I don’t see why not. It’s free to all V3 owners, so if you buy V3 now, you’ll get V4 when it drops.

I was going to make a joke about getting it while supplies last, but that’s probably a bad idea…


To this one I’m going to say highly unlikely. The Commandant will be a separate product. I’m certain Saint will correct me if I’m wrong. If it’s any consolation, superchargers aren’t all that expensive.


I keep wondering when it comes time to updating four stage sets like Khan how long that will take?


Depends on the size of the upgrade, I suppose. How much script will need to be rewritten. Only one stage or multiple ones. Plus the compilation time. So far, they are all on V1, so I doubt even Fire knows yet.

Somehow I think there won’t be an announcement unless it’s already nearing compilation time and the script is 99% complete. Which means we will likely never know.


Emperor v4 will make anybody in the world tremble in fear when he or she sees you.

Their knees will weaken in front of you and they will pledge their eternal loyalty to you in one day.

The term “Rome was never built in a day” has now lost its insignificance.


Sorry, my IQ is having a bad day. Unable to be intellectual.

I love that last line!


Can’t wait for this, just told in my journal that I was about to add emperor to my Khan Mix and they announce emperor V4 comming along with the commander hahaha oh my god!


can yall drop iron Thorne again pretty please while your at it ? :innocent: lol i joined the sub like a month later when yall dropped it for a short time so i missed it. :confused:


When is the release date for all this? I was planning on running my first stack with subclub starting December 1st. I’d rather wait until everything that is being upgraded/released for emperor and commandant to avoid having to do more downloads of than necessary. Also will Emperor V4 cost more than the current version?


Emperor will have the same price just the sublimnal is getting a upgrade to the latest technology v4


oh god…will Primal Seduction upgrade to a new version ?


Obviously we’ll wait for the official release notes.

Below are the expected updates:

Emperor v4, now with
Ecstasy of Gold LITE
Quantum Limitless LITE
Power Can Corrupt LITE
Inner Circle LITE
Alchemist LITE
Spartan LITE
Social King
Supreme Rebirth
Godlike Masculinity Ultimate
Impeccable Style
Aura New Dawn