Main Hype Thread - Emperor v4


Just wanted to clarify.

The product’s planned name is Commandant, and it’s a Supercharger.


If you already know the techniques then the subs will help ingrain the techniques into your identity… So they come naturally. With time as you go out and talk to more and more girls. Your mind will come up with its own “push and pull banter”.

P.S Sorry about the spelling mistakes I am typing on a credit size screen :slight_smile:


By anti social I don’t mean reclusive. I mean forcefully selective.


Maybe Commandant won’t be enough for Quantum Emperor. You will need a supercharger called Sith Lord.


Khan is much, MUCH more comprehensive than all three of these titles.


Emperor’s “anti-social” effect is more akin to you not wanting to socialize because you’re too busy building a business, or working on some other form of self-improvement. There’s no scripting that pushes you to be anti-social, it’s just a side effect of putting your energy elsewhere.


I can confirm this. I really have become very stubborn when people wanted to meet me and I know it is a waste of time.


Heck yeah. Your spending your precious time to improve your life and prosper. You don’t want to exchange that for something lowly.


Everytime I see a blue numbered icon beside this thread, I feel like the release of the update has been announced :see_no_evil:


@Fire is working on it, ya’ll. :wink:


I’ve literally died and reincarnated from anticipation alone for Emperor V4. My new name is Noatawk, from the black foot tribe, close to sengal.


Please ignore all of this and get it done properly. Seems to be how you guys do it anyway. :muscle:

I want Fire’s most inspired work, not his fastest.


Fire is amazing his talent has no limits.


Shoot 10 days left on ST4 of EOG so no rush y’all :joy:


Don’t forget that they are doing commander alongside… It’s a bigger release than just an update.


Fire will probably have V4 ready for the weekend. If my gut feelings are correct Commando will be out this weekend too.


White Tiger cant wait to hear yiur results with V4. As v3 was amazing for you remembber when yiu were in the club ?.


Emperor doesn’t make you anti-social, it helps you realize that certain relationships are important while others are not. Last week I was in major crunch mode for a product launch (still am, technically), yet I dropped everything to have a 2+ hour meeting with the ops director for several other companies in the same investment portfolio family because I knew that the conversation would have a higher value long term than whatever I was working on at the time. I had to work until nearly midnight that night to catch up, still worth it.
Meanwhile, another friend who I’ve had coffee with every so often for years, while he complains about work? Yeah, haven’t called him in weeks.

You don’t need a socializing sub to counter an “antisocial” aspect of Emperor, you need to level up your inner circle. Find relevant networking meetups in your city, join a professional association, join a mastermind, find a mentor and get some introductions to other high achieving people. With the right people, you’ll be happy to socialize, as they bring value to your life and you can bring value to theirs. That’s been my experience anyway!

(Not that I’m suggesting anyone not get Daredevil or any other sub; but for countering the alleged antisocial effects of Emperor, it would be akin to listening to a weight loss sub, and then wanting another sub to make you want to eat desserts again because you miss the taste!)


Hahaha. Perfect analogy.


Yeah, emperor is a great sub! You can check my journal, I just switched from Khan St4 to emperor + Khan St1