Main Hype Thread - Emperor v4


@SaintSovereign Which version of Limitless is being used in Emperor v3? I guess it is Limitless 2?


@WhiteTiger Khan 1 and Emperor is a dynamite combination


I’m on Emperor and Alchemist ST1.


Help me understand. Emperor will make the listener a Sigma male and Khan will make the listener an Alpha male. So how the combination of these two subliminals is a good thing?


How many hours a day for each?


Around 8/10 hours, including ultrasonic listening while asleep. But I run only one too sometimes, all day long. I follow my intuition.


Khan stage 1 will speed up clearing and has the anti deception scripts. It will speed up the changes made by emperor. Also make you smarter when dealing with difficult people.


Any further news on Commando ?


I’m still not able to process. Quantum limitless will serve this purpose more perfectly. Limit destroyer, anyone? Just to help Emperor function better and faster, how can one use a Subliminal which is meant to work a lot differently. Khan stage 1 will be more attune to help Khan goals which are there in further stages, right?

Why confuse your subconscious mind? It will only delay results. Pick a goal, work on that goal consistently, stay on that goal. Get results.

Don’t be greedy. It won’t help. Whoever is using it, stop it. Focus on one Subliminal, at Max two( which don’t contradict each other) you will thank me latter.


@MavericKobra stacking is a great way of enhancing the effects of subs.


Doesnt mean, to stack anything. Stack relatable title. Anyways I’m not here to debate. Do what he feels like doing. Who m I to judge. Peace out.


What is an alpha male? And what is a sigma male?


@MavericKobra once you get more experienced with using subliminals you will learn what works best with what. For now I suggest you focus on the one subliminal perhaps when you get more experience you can stack in the future.


Alpha, Sigma whats next Gamma ? :smile:


And what makes you think, I’m not experienced. Running contradictory subliminals is not a sign of experience. Experience is when you understand, it is enough to run one subliminal at maximum two at a time.


Ok. Just Google you will know. And if you’re so confused, you can ask the makers of these subliminals, to explain you what is sigma and alpha. Because they’re promoting it that way. Have you ever read their emails. Just go and read them. You will understand.


Try Google or ask the makers. Its mentioned in their emails. You don’t know what is Alpha male and you are using these products, genius. No wonder you’re using two different sibs together. All the best. My last reply.


Someone seems to be angry :roll_eyes:


He can only get better overtime when he listens to the subliminals :slight_smile:


Lol probably beta at this rate