Main Hype Thread - Emperor v4


It’s up to you dude. Subliminal club doesn’t define that for you. They leave that part up to you. It’s what you think it is. So if you think alpha male is the guy that puts leggings on I’d suggest you stop listening until you correct your definition of alpha. :rofl:


I urge few people to use quantum limitless to educate themselves and then debate. Because lots of useless comments.


I never said anything regarding leggings? Are you reading real or imaginary comments?


Don’t worry. You don’t get it. I was being silly


And FYI, Im using Emperor since last 8 months.


Obviously, I don’t speak or understand gibberish.


Well lurking around the forum and getting into debates tells me otherwise. Have fun


I never got into any debate, I just asked the reason behind using Khan and Emperor. And people full of themselves, started a debate.


Ignore him guys no point in feeding the troll


I get what you mean, although a whole lot of comic book superheroes might beg to differ… :rofl::rofl::rofl:

In all seriousness… alpha, sigma, all good. Just as long as I’m never an omega male! :sunglasses:


That’s funny :wink:


So I was inexperienced and now I’m a troll. Ya ignore me.


Keep your ego down will you :slight_smile:


No, I don’t intend to. Anything else, sir.


I feel allot of unnecessary anger coming from you. It’s a lovely day today. Release whatever you need to release. Some character traits you won’t actually see for yourself in a certain moment. I think when you come back another time another day and re-read these comments you’ll understand what I mean. Have a great day, sending you lots of unconditional love :heart:


Thank you for the unconditional love. You have a nice day sir.


Calm down, guys. I can’t even follow what everyone’s arguing about. Whatever the case may be, we can have discussions (YES, even online and anonymous) without resorting to name calling or putting anyone down.

FWIW, what @MavericKobra said is accurate. Yes, we allow you to stack multiple titles, but we’ve always said that less is more when it comes to the number of titles being run simultaneously. Also, selecting a goal and then working toward that goal consistently is the secret to supercharging subliminal results. And yes, the more related the stacked titles, the better.

And yes, sigma males are a real thing – I’m one myself.

Let’s all calm down and have a nice convo. :wink:


Thank you. I’m also a Sigma male. And thanks to Emperor, I left my job that i hated, started my business. Next month i will open a small food joint. Alphas become betas in front of me. I love this feeling. I have achieved so much running only one Subliminal at a time.

Eagerly waiting for version 4 and supercharger that will go hand in hand with emperor.


oh sh*t that arguing went south really fast hahaha


28 unread posts!

I really thought v4 had been released. :rofl: