Main Hype Thread - Emperor v4



this was a less satisfying alternative.

On another note, it would be good to hash out the actual point if people can find a way to do so. Can Emperor and Khan be beneficially combined. (If, upon reading the question, you find yourself puffing rapidly with your lips in an ‘O’ shape and your fists halfway raised to your chest, wait a moment before responding.)


Khan and Emperor work well together:)


[speculation] There is no suggestion in Emperor that says “You are a Sigma Male NOW”
or “You give up on being a Social Alpha because that shit is for idiots.” [/speculation] :face_with_hand_over_mouth:

Personally, I’ve not experimented with Khan + Emperor.

Both @blackadder & @WhiteTiger have stacked them together before, and it worked well for them.
What they’ve written above is from their actual experience.

@MavericKobra is also correct in that if your goals can be achieved with one Major Program, it’s best NOT to combine it with anything that risks bringing incompatible suggestions to the mix.

At SubClub, the scripting is done so that any SC product can be combined with any other.

That being said, stacking effects are always subjective.
The way your subconscious chooses to express one script MAY fail to “reconcile” with another.

This can happen even if the products seem to have no reason to conflict.
For example… for ME (@Simon), Power Can Corrupt is incompatible with Emperor. :man_shrugging:


Wish I could like that post more than once. It’s extremely helpful. Thanks. I’ll be re-reading it.

Suggests (once again) that the work of evaluating one’s life and directions and deciding what one is building/working towards is a foundationally important part of this process.

The details of one’s plans and desires will probably transform over time, but there seems to be a way of facing oneself and getting a sense of the overall influential trends related to one’s challenges and dreams.


First of all, I’m not here to debate or show my angry. I am here to clear my doubt whether Khan and Emperor will go together or not. Haven’t received any clear answer yet.

Apart from few people claiming that it has worked for them.

They known that this combination works because they might have achieved their goals.

Or there are no goals, they were listening to subliminals without goals, than in this case how can they know that the combination has worked

Khan= Alpha= A leader, outgoing person, works in a pack, dominating etc

Emperor= Sigma= A lone wolf, mysterious, works alone, doesn’t believe in dominating etc

Now please help me write a goal which accommodates both these personalities

I do understand point made by @Simon, that stacking is subjective. If they’re getting results than who are we to comment.

Also again I agree with @Simon that there won’t be any specific suggestion like You’re a Sigma male but there can be indirect suggestions which can make you a Sigma male.

Just because you’re seeing results, it doesnt means that the combination is working. There can be so many other reasons for results.

I’m not against using of Khan and Emperor. Also, if you or anyone else convince me the benefits are real. I will start listening to them. I promise.

(Note not for Simon)
Also, please reply if you have an answer. Don’t reply in sentences. Oh but it is working. It is working for me.


Hahaha, @Fire, please finish V4 ASAP, before the guys start killing each other :blush:


Just for the sake of conversation, I can think of goals that accommodate both of those personalities. It would be like having a wider range of behaviors and responses available to you. Like a boxer who is gentle with his children. In the ring he is a relentless monster, but with his family he is soft, emotionally vulnerable, and supportive. The ability to switch between those two channels represents Range.

The so-called Alpha and Sigma orientations can represent your overall personality, but they can also represent roles in which you are comfortable and competent as the situation requires. The same man may be able to 1) effectively lead a football team or a military unit, and 2) travel alone across a foreign continent taking photos and writing his memoirs.

Most people do not choose to cultivate that kind of flexibility but that does not mean it’s impossible. Some people do.

Now none of this is me saying that I know how Emperor and Khan will work together. I’ve never used Khan.

I’m just speaking to the theoretical point of Alpha and Sigma orientations being completely mutually incompatible for all individuals.


Sure whatever works for you please keep on using it :slight_smile:.

Enough nonsense talk lets get back on track with V4 :slight_smile:


Congratulations on becoming a sigma male. We will award you with an olympic gold medal :slight_smile:


Everytime I reply you my I.Q drops. I wonder why. And thank you for the medal. Also, I did became a Sigma when I was born, no one becomes a Sigma later (Another drop in IQ). Enough said.


That is an alpha trait. An alpha without any sigma qualities. Alphas main duty is to protect women and children. That’s why Woman prefer them over beta.


True. But, some people would see the qualities in that example as being incompatible. Thus, it was meant to be a general example of Range and Flexibility.

Just as an Alpha personality can contain traits that some people would see as being incompatible, so, there may be other people whose lifestyles can accommodate Alpha and Sigma traits that you currently see as being incompatible.



Alpha and Sigma Personalities do have common grounds, like both are males, high on testosterone (in some cases sigma’s do have low t because of health issues but generally high t). High on pheromones ( both have different mix of pheromones, Alphas have dominating, flirty pheromones whereas Sigma’s have range of gentlemen and badass)

They both are protective of women and children. But Sigma’s are more caring because their childhood was difficult.

Alpha and Sigma’s have common Personalities but they can’t have common goals because their perspective is so different from each other.

Alpha and Sigma both can be monster in a fighting ring and a good spouse or father. But Alphas will be more famous fighter and Sigma will be a mysterious/underdog fighter. Same in any other sport.

If a sport needs a team, Alphas will easily lead the team. But the best player in the team will be a Sigma.

Sigma is a lone wolf, who just can’t work in a pack. And Alpha need a pack to function properly.

When the perspective is so different though having common Personalities, how can they have common goals.

Alpha would want a big company with thousand employees. Sigma will develop a business and make a franchise out of it.

Alpha will live in a crowded city, Sigma’s would prefer otherwise.

Alpha though caring will be a strict father. Sigma cool father.

So on and so forth. You can’t be both.

People who are running these two subliminals will not get complete results from either subliminals. And eventually they will and Mark my words they will change their stack.


I have 4 different replies, but the first most basic question is …

There is a LOT of assumption here.

Are these the ACTUAL qualities that the scripts are written from, or simply the email copywriter’s sales angle?

Unless this assumption is approved by @SaintSovereign or @Fire, any further discussion is irrelevant.
I’d wager that the scripts are NOT as limiting as those definitions need them to be.

Actually, everyone’s goals are the SAME. Money & Pussy. :joy:
Everything else is just the preferred method.


True. But how do you achieve them is different. I left a job where I earned 3000$ a month to run a business that hardly earned 500$ a month for initial 6 months, now it’s earning around 1500$. I’m happy now. I developed anxiety while working in a corporate. Now I give anxiety.

Alpha wants to earn and get laid differently from a Sigma. Also, you can know whether they have scripted a subliminal in a way or not by the results the Subliminal is getting.

Khan make you more outgoing, Emperor makes you cut ties with not so important friends and family members. Proof of scripting is in the results we can see. I left job in a month after using Emperor. A job that I thought I can’t live without.


Regarding Khan and Emperor…

Khan stage 1 is called Total Breakdown. Most of the comments I saw mentioned running Khan st1 + Emperor.

Total Breakdown is supposed (I have not run Khan OR Emperor, so based on the sales pages) to help you get rid of all the bad programming. So it’s more like a healing sub in that regard. Combining it with Emperor might work just fine.

If someone is running some other stage with Emperor, maybe they can share their experiences.


Hey, just a correction, I am running mainly emperor this winter, did a slow switch of two weeks and two days ago dropped Khan St4 to replace it by ST1 for complete destruction of limiting beliefs.

For me stage 1 of Khan is “clearing the ground” before building. I only run it 8 hours a day tho, but I’ll try to run it for two months while running emperor.


Well @MavericKobra, I feel like you’ve made your point fairly clearly. It’s unlikely that anyone will misunderstand what you’re saying. Now you can leave it to others to decide if they agree or not.

For me personally, I respect your opinion, but more or less disagree.

I think Alpha, Sigma, and so on are useful constructs, but I doubt you can find much evidence that they are legitimate, fundamental biological or even unmalleable social categories. I’d see them more as ideals that we can use to inspire ourselves to build the lives that we want to live. Blood type is a biological category. It’s not difficult to prove it. Dopamine, Oxytocin, Serotonin are tangible chemicals in the brain. Again, not much room for debate.

But Alpha and Sigma types? Those are improvised categories; culturally and historically contingent, created by human beings to help us to organize our experiences better. Nothing wrong with that. Money itself is an improvised construct, and I definitely want that. It’s just not an inevitable biological phenomenon.

Knowing the difference between human-made constructs and biological/physical phenomena is VERY, VERY useful. Can remove a bunch of stress and increase choice and freedom to live how you want to live. When possible, I’ll choose that every time.


Alpha, beta, sigma etc are American marketing things… nothing else


Mind blown. Everything you do not understand, is marketing. Such a American thing to say.