Main Hype Thread - Emperor v4


@Malkuth I do understand where you disagree and I respect that. I also understand points that you have made. Thank you so much for having a wise conversation. This is what I wanted to have since beginning. Thank you @Simon.


David Mech, a biologist, was the first to use the words alpha male for wolf which were in captivity and with an aggresive behavior. But now no scientists are using this term , only in marketing when you want to sell a certain product. But it has no sense in real life.


This is just my opinion, Use quantum limitless at place of Khan stage 1. Because Khan stage 1 will clear grounds for Khan stage 2,3 and 4. Quantum limitless will also clear grounds for its further stages. But Q.L is specific and general at the same time. You can mould Q.L. to your wishes. Nothing personal here bro. Take care


Ohh! You are referring to the Video that was made by a famous youtuber, Adam ruins everything. He is joke. Nevermind. Go and listen to what he says about hypnosis, healing stuff etc on his video the magic of placebo.


We are so off-topic. :smile:
We’ve moved away from overanalyzing products & their goals to debating concepts.

The original purpose of this thread was to have @blackadder predict twice a week that Ev4 is coming in 48 hours.

I’m going back to hyping & speculating. :sweat_smile:


I blame MavericKobra he stomped into the thread wearing his big alpha sigma boots and derailed the thread :slight_smile:.

Anyway enough said according to my latest premonitions V4 will be released this weekend.


@Simon is my stack criticism sensei.

Do i dare ask what you know I want to ask?


Sure. In the lounge. New thread.


First there was Emperor, a subliminal to build from nothing your very own empire. Now, there is Khan, where you become the man that brings empires to their knees.

Khan is an extremely sexual and social dominance focused subliminal, intertwining the best sexual and power aspects of Emperor, Daredevil and Primal Seduction:

It seems that Khan is a upgrade from emperor. It should be no problem to run them together or to start with emperor and continue with khan. Thats what the description on the sales page associate.


Actually Khan stage 1 is a perfect foundation preparation for any subliminal you might want to run from subclub.


Definitely not an upgrade. It’s a different program, neither of the two are more profound. It is up to the choice of the user, depending whether or not it is in alignment with his goals.


yes upgrade was the wrong word. It is more like step a and b. Emperor is focusing on building while khan is focusing on growing the business. But this is only speculation like always.


Again, everyone – chill out.

Remember that “alpha, sigma, beta,” are all archetypes that not only exist on a continuum, but can be situational. For example, you could be a “sigma” at heart, but be the “alpha” in a situation where you’re the leader.

For me, I use the concepts as a paradigm to understand human interaction. I have much more in common with the “sigma” mindset, but there are tons of situations where I’ll suddenly start expressing external dominance over a situation and lean toward “alpha.”

Think of it like this: EVERYONE has sigma traits and everyone has alpha traits. It’s all about which of those traits you prefer to rely on in social situations. Me? I rely heavily on sigma traits – which I call the “internal alpha.” My inner core and resolve is rock solid. It’s very hard for an external source to affect my perception of self – hence why I have to listen to masked subliminals at low volume. My subconscious perceives ultrasonic, or loud masked subs as someone trying to force me to do something, and that’s just something you can’t do.

I’m not at all interested in external social status, because I don’t need other people for anything, ever. I’m very self-sufficient, and I have no problem navigating this world alone.

That being said, when I ran Khan, it did develop my ability to maneuver through social situations easier, even though I don’t rely on those skills often. That’s the benefit of stacking two titles like Emperor or Khan. It’s not trying to change you from one archetype to another. Instead, it’s going to develop the skills inherent to that archetype.

Think of it like the American style rpgs, where you can give skill points to various traits. Emperor is going to upgrade the “sigma” traits more, Khan will upgrade the “alpha” traits more, and there’s overlap between the two.


I think maverick is having awesome results with his emp sub and loving it. He is speaking openly and authentically.

As everyone else is seeking stacking or subs upgrades he is fine with the one he is using and empv4 would simply be a cherry on top.

Maverick congrats to you on your success with using subclub.

When I used emperor and stuck to it I saw massive strides in my business, reading, and overall growth in my personal development. I reach a point where I felt lonely and decided to switch to khan.

Once khan was at its first initial peak I felt all the awesome benefits I wanted but my business suffered. I cared more about social dominance, hanging out, talking to everyone, etc. on emperor I cared 0 about that but once I hit financial blessings I disliked being alone and I realized I’m probably more of an alpha as I “felt” I needed social dominance in my life.

But then again humans are social emotional beings at or core. In my opinion. That may be bias since it’s coming from the way I feel.

Lastly, words can never define who we are or what we are. Words can simply do their best to try to help us understand what is going on.

My sub club bros! I’m not picking sides here but maverick seems to be feeling like a god and I think we should support him and let me say “words” we may not like. He seems to have found his path and he’s sticking to it.

That’s fucking awesome and underneath our convos his strong path and purpose he’s on may be where his wording is coming from. I see his word choice and expressions all summed up as one small sentence:

He’s on his unshakeable path.

Bless you maverick and bless all the rest of us for our thoughts we share collaboratively in efforts to try to better ourselves and this community. :pray:


Is it weekend yet?


So @blackadder what do you think? What are your predictions?

Will v4 be released today or tomorrow?


Probably weekend.


:wink: :wink: :wink: :wink: :wink: :wink:


Hey, Is limitless v2 included in emperor v3/v4?


Hopefully parts of Quantum Limitless will be in V4 but V2 limitless is in Emp V3.